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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Strangelove, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi, can anyone enlighten us please? A mate of mine has just been posted to 471 Close Support section MI, can anyone tell us where they are located and any other relevant info as we are both currently in the dark? He only found out on friday and hasn't got any other details yet. Many thanks.
  2. Can't he ask for himself?
  3. He hasn't got an ARRSE account, so I said I would put up a post on his behalf. Ok?
  4. How about a chain of command? He must have one of them, there's loads lying about the place.
  5. It was friday afternoon, you know the score, they had all cleared off for the weekend. Can you enlighten us please, he wants to find out so he can book his rail warrant in advance. And I'm just f**ckin nosey.
  6. Should have a copy of the WW corps directory!!!
  7. Would this be the rail warrant he can't "book" until Monday anyway?
  8. Strangelove, it is very noble of you to post on behalf of your 'mate', but it is not as though getting an account for arrse is like getting a dii account.

    That aside, coming on to arrse and asking for information is a little bit idle for either you or your 'mate'. Until 2 minutes ago, I did not know where 471 CS Section was based. How did I find this out on a Sunday morning? Now I know for certain, I could probably have guessed where it was anyway, but not being from that side of the Corps, it is not a unit that I have come in contact with.

    Not only do I now know where the unit is based, but I also know what the unit does and who it supports. I even know a few names of people who are posted there or have been posted there over the last few years. :wink:
  9. If your mate was told on Friday, that means you must be in the Squad that passes off on Corps day - that's the weekend closest to 19 July by the way. It doesn't take 2 weeks to get rail warrant - not even in Chicksands.

    I can think of at least 2 members of Templer DS that will know where this Sect is and what they do. You could always ask them on Monday......

    BTW, RSM DSI (if he's still in post) is not a big fan of this site, you've already identified your mate and I imagine it won't be long before you're also pinged. This site isn't really for asking about where Sects are and what they do.....
  10. It didn't take me long, what do they teach you fuckwits in CI these days?

    It's INT CORPS by the way, in the same vein that it's not Reme! :wink:
  11. OI&S...

    You should be in the Int Corps, with capabilities like that.

    Interesting conundrum for the RSM DSI, how does he hammer someone for being on ArRSe if he doesn't like it?

    Unless someone bubbles the offender, how would the RSM know about the offender?

    Ha ha.
  12. Maybe not the RSM, but I know of someone who will be having a quiet word tomorrow!

    I was in Templer a couple of months ago - is that poster with all 1 MI Bde locations still on the corridor wall?
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Now that is funny, especially if it was there on Friday!

    Look at the original post, you don't get to be a razza in the Corps by being a bit thick and shit at basic analysis.

    I wait for someone to tell me about exceptions to every rule! :wink:
  15. Being a crusty retired dinosaur of 22 years experience I don't know what's more worrying.......

    That an individual that has been selected to join our illustrious Corps reaches the latter stages of training and then when is given his posting does not even display the common sense or confidence to ask "I'm sorry may I ask where 471 is please ?" :roll:


    That the same individuals are using this Forum as some form of Oracle and a susbstitute for said common sense :x

    And finally having had a few nostalgic beers with the said RSM approximately 10 days ago, I can assure you like any good RSM (let alone Intelligence Operative) he does not need to log on to this Forum to know what it being said :)

    Incidentally and no doubt rather boring for some, I still remember the day when Squad 105 were given their postings on a friday afternoon by an extremely scary and notorious CSM (who subsequently turned out to bat for the other side) - "Pte Piglet-Files - posted to 71 Int Sect" - "Thank you Sir erm can I ask where that is please Sir?" "What are you some sort of f****in k**b not knowing where 71 Int is?" came the scary reply greeted with rounds of laughter by my Squad compatriots (who were all incidentally still in the dark as to what continent they were soon to be departing for!). "It is f****in Verden in West Germany and the f****in Boss there is a good freind of mine and I'll be calling him this afternoon to tell him your a k**b". "Thank you Sir" 8O