47 Signal Sqn - 831 Troop

Popped in for a visit last night, and I think this is the way to go. Got on quite well with the Troopy, and seemed to click with the couple of guys who were around... so 2 weeks time, take down completed paperwork, and go from there... lots of phys to crack on with so I give myself the best chance of getting through selection. Be great if I do get back in.... oh, if anyone knows the cutoff run time for a 36 year old woman in the R.Sigs, please let me know... obviously I want to be coming in a lot quicker, but if I can drag my carcass in at that time to start with... (I know selection is 14 mins)
Sit-ups I am totally shiote with so guess I'll be bashing a LOT of them out while I'm at work (before you all get strange visions, I'm selfemployed and work from home.) Pressups I should be fine, but I'll get my upper body strength worked on just in case.... oh, to be 18 and breezing fitness again!!

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