47 Regt HVM Paras info required please

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Nicks, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. Excuse my ignorance of this matter but I have come over from Rum Ration with a question from my son who is currently at Harrogate.

    He is being badgered to go into RHA Paras at Colchester but has his heart set on coming down to Thorney and doing his P Company down there as part of the HVM section. He has been told by the Sgt up there that there isnt going to be a Para section down here in Thorney attached to the HVM Section so any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    I may have my facts a bit confused, being an ex matelot,but hopefully you people will get the gist of what I mean.

  2. 47 Regt have an Air Assault Bty, not a section, P troop of old moved there in the late 90s from 7 RHA. I have not heard anything about them moving or loosing the Air Assault role, but 47 Regt do have 2 Btys re-roling for a couple of years, maybe the Sgt is confused
  3. If he is at Harrogate and needs to make a Regimental choice (presumably he is already RA capbadged), then he should choose 47 Regt. I guess a Bty of choice comes later, but at Phase 2 he can do the specialist PT for P coy/Cdo wannabees with the 7 RHA and 29 Cdo guys. I dont think you can specify a Bty within a Regiment unless you are being "claimed" by an individual (but I may be wrong).

    As wellyhead says, there is some temporary re-roling of 47 Btys to fulfil Op commitments, but I am unsure how this affects the Para Bty.
  4. Yeah he is already RA capbadged and finishes up there this December,then off to Larkhill.I read on another post on here that P Coy do the log runs etc on certain days when the rest are doing sports,so it just confirms my thoughts.

    Many Thanks for the help fellas.
  5. As there is currently a moritorium (soprry been at the dictionary again) on Para training throughout the army, will this affect P Coy? I would be surprised if it doesn't, why run P Coy if your not going to do the actual jumps?

    Or (hopefully) has it changed and Para training is now back on the books.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    STOP IT !!!!!!! :x

    Jump training is still ongoing. A TA basic Para course completed this weekend, and others (Reg and TA) are still on the programme.

    This c/s got sky under his boots at 600ft AGL over Everleigh DZ on Saturday morning.
  7. Cheers for the corection, glad to hear that the para training is still ongoing.

    I stand (as usual) corrected.
  8. the bty at thorney is very much involved with 16 bde and will continue to wear the maroon of the parachute Regiment and serve with 16 bde. they are currently re rolling to use MUAV (which they will deploy to Herrcik with) for a period of time but will still be trained on hvm as well, this is not an issue as they deployed to herrick4 in an infantry role and all aquitted themselves admirably. they have a fairly good success rate with P coy and a Bc who is keen to maintain the airborne ethos. it sounds like your son is being subjected to a bit of regimental poaching. if he is set on thorney, and why not, then encourage him to stick to his guns and be adamant that is where he wants to serve. alternatively remove his volunteer status and post to 47 regt then once he gets to thorney volunteer for p coy and 21 bty. i wish him the best of luck there.