47 (Middlesex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron Uxbridge

You could do an awful lot worse than these boys and girls.

I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this unit; whether the move from 39 Regt to 71 Regt has wrought any changes in the squadron's character I couldn't say, but even if it had I imagine they would be minor.

Enthusiastic juniors, knowledgeable seniors and some good officers too; I can only commend them to you.
Oh and I think you'll like the Middlesex Yeomanry motto too; Pro aris et focis.

Think of it as a Latin version of 'Za dom' and you'll feel right at home.

Come to think of it the sometimes heard cry of 'Death to the Turk!' a little hangover from the unit's time in Palestine should also chime with you too! :wink:

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