47 and 12 regt being amalgamated

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Wittmann, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Has any one heard a buzz about 12 and 47 being amalgamated?

    I doubt this one but the rumours still out there,

    I would have thought if savings are required you would get rid of over written cowboys like 4/73 first
  2. They're all expendable. Air defence is a white elephant. However I did hear in a briefing last week that amalgamation is an option.
  3. DB I agree, they need to re role as light gun Regts - the lads would love it

    We don’t need AD we’ve got the USAF and Gun pigs really do have more fun
  4. And lets be honest Witt, the regts are screaming out for gun bunnies, in fact any man power would be a bonus.
  5. I real don’t know how you motivate a young lad on a HVM/Rapier crew

    Go on Exercise, come into action, and stare at the sky (huh!)

    Where’s the mud, blood and trail rash?

    And then while gun bunnies go on TELIC as INF and on OTX the AD crews got to Cyprus (again) or sit in camp waiting for the STANEVAL team to turn up and **** them about

    I haven’t got anything against cloud punchers - I just feel sorry for them
  6. I've got a lot of mates in 47, or rather 21 bty - the old P Tp and I can well understand how frustrated they get, especially on Telic 1 but times they are a changing as the old song goes and right now we need manpower across the board in the light gun regiments. So fcuk 'em! :D
  7. Yep
    12 Regt will be drawing out of Germany in the next year and relocate at Thorney Island to marry up with 47 Regt, also 16 Regt are moving to North Luffenham Summer 07, 8)
  8. Sounds like it's just duty rumour
  9. No Duty rumour Manky_cat, FACT Matey :D

    16 are off to North Luffenham, our QM's Maint and Tech were up there a couple of weeks ago to look around the camp area, they also have detailed plans of the whole area, Hangars, airfield where there is a 9 hole golf course,etc, also we are told there aren't enough Married Quarters to go around, about 20 - 30 short usual Mod dross they give us :twisted:

    And 12 are drawing out of Germany to marry up with 47 to bulster there HVM assets etc.
  10. I think inevitably 47 and 12 will amalgamate. There is no chance that we will switch to light gun, but 47 are re-rolling into UAV for the next 2.5 years at least! The bigger worry is for all the upheaval for families bearing in mind lack of schooling and quarters! Bless the Labour chappies again families and soldiers alike have been truly Arrse invaded! :threaten:
  11. Is the re-role to UAV set in stone ? I ask as it ties in with soething mentioned to me last night and would make sense
  12. Only one Bty to re role
  13. You might be interested to know that some of the Bty's in 47 are re-roleing to UAV....that came from some of the GCC boys in the Targeting branch and a buddy in 21 Bty.....
  14. It is also being reported as two batteries in Soldier Magazine

  15. Two batteries, for two theatres, at the same time for about 2 1/2 years! Blimey they'll be on for some major LSA/POTL/Carry forward of leave. Oh and don't forget the divorces. :omfg: