46 Signal Squadron or B Squadron Royal Yeomanry?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by signalsanyone, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I live in Leicester and am considering joining the TA. There are a couple of options such as the Royal Yeomanry and the Royal Signals. I have looked at the websites for both and I also stumbled across this site. Could anyone give me an idea as to what these regiments are like. Both look like fun but I am unsure as to what things they would do on a weekend. Any help or abuse gratefully received.
  2. take it from me i dont want to offend my collegues in leics, but the ry is a load of sh!t
  3. 46 are leaving Leicester, if they haven't already (to be replaced by an engineer sqn/troop). 46 are part of 38 signal regiment which is the only TA Signal Regiment in the North to have kit from this millennium. If IS Eng trade comes to the TA it will happen in 38 first, its the elite unit of 2 Sig Bde (heh he h expect incoming).

    Seriously, keep asking and get a good reply about RY. I don't know that unit at all. I moved to 38 on the strength of its reputation within the entire TA Sigs., but I could be wrong. As a guess do you work in IT? You may be better off looking at 64 Sig Sqn in Nottingham
  4. Squigey-pie-face, I know you didn't want to offend but you have my friend.

    38 Sigs, fantastic. 1 of only 3 Reebok dets on 12hrs notice chances of seeing uk action probability high!

    Designed, built, implemented and manned by members of 38 it's the dogs of signals and will be for years to come until Bowman is implemented into the Regt.

    Roll on 38 sigs!
  5. Thanks for the info Polar. I don't work in IT (i'm just an office worker!) I just fancied doing something different on a weekend rather than the usual stuff. I'm not too fussed as to a trade just something interesting to blow out the cobwebs from a mundane week, something to keep the grey matter working!

    Squigeypie, can I ask as to what basis you form your opinion on? The reason I ask is I need to make sure I make the right choice and all opinions count.
  6. I strongly disagree with squigeypie for a number of reasons, but rather than fight about it I'll be as objective as I can.

    Really depends on how you'd like to spend your weekends. I've never been in the Signals myself - but I know its not my cup of tea. If you don't know much about the TA then you probably won't know where your tastes are on the "warry - non-warry" spectrum.

    Personally I think the RY have a good balance. The regiment is bedding in to a new role - one that unites all the squadrons, has a mix of light role recce and CBRN, and has brings a whole stack of interesting courses and interesting kit.

    Weekends this year should roughly be 1/4 normal soldiery stuff, 1/4 CBRN and 1/2 recce. Sounds good to me. I'd be suprised if it didn't suit you too, what with recce tactics in landrovers, CVR(T) training, AT lined up and some hanging about in rubber suits as well.

    What would you like to do for your annual camp... play with radios and put up masts, or scream around a German training area with the 9/12 Lancers' cheeky little mini tanks?

    Drop by both units for an evening for a taster. See what you think of the blokes you'll be serving with. Anyone (except perhaps the AGC / RLC ) with half a brain will be able to persuade you that theirs is the best role and kit. But what matters is the blokes - and I know that the RY Leicester Sqn are significantly growing. That says a lot.

    Think also about what role you'd deploy in if you caught the TA bug and managed to wangle time away from work and your other half. Six months of your life - perhaps the only tour you'll want, or manage, to do.

    Fancing hanging around tents and portakabins in Brigade HQ? Or reinforcing the Household Cavalry in Helmand?

    Er... I think the impartial mask slipped there a little. PM me if you like.

    Anyway - drop by on both for a cup of tea. Good luck.


    Edited for spelling mongery
  7. The only sensible way to decide, now that you have checked out the websites, is to visit both and compare. You have nothing to lose (except time) by doing that.

    Charlie has already done a sales job for the RY. I'll only say that they must be dishing out battle honours to all sorts if they're awarding them to sh1t units now. Given that the RY is the only TA unit to have been awarded a battle honour (Iraq 2003) since the second world war, all the others must be really sh1t.

    Squigeypie, are you saying the whole Territorial Army, without which Britain would have the same political punch as France and whose members have worked pretty hard of late, is sh1t? :winkrazz:

    Now, I'm not saying that just because the RY have been awarded a battle honour they are the best unit in the TA. I am saying that the award means that someone who thinks about such things reckoned that the RY merited it.
  8. Or put another way do you want to help in the defence of the UK/EU with your mates or go away from them working with a load of soldiers you don't know implementing US foreign policy? (yes I know Yeomanry went as a formed unit in Telic 1, I knew that before most in the army had heard of Telic)
  9. SA, have you considered a specialist unit such as the RLC at Grantham? Would mean more travelling but it's another option I guess.
  10. If you don't have a preference about what you want to do just get yourself down to each unit and have a look around. Go back for a second look if you're still not sure. That's what I did and I'm now starting the long, long process of much paperwork :thumright:
  11. i speak on good authority since ive been a yeoman for 18 years, ive seen a lot of changes and not many were for the good, we were armd recce for years with a 100 plus pax(per sqn) turning up for exersices, then the powers that be decided they cant afford our fuel bill, which was not suprising as low loader transport to take a sqn of cvrt to the plains and back cost over £100,000.00. so what happened next we rerole to chally 2, which was a role that was stomachable, at least we went live firing and the sims were gucci, this was just about sellable. but now, i know i should be selling the regt but honestly, i would rather a potential recruit join another unit and stay in the ta a few years, than join ours and bin it after a month or two. the cbrn role is a bitter pill to swallow. its about as interesting as watching paint dry. last year it was said we were getting quad bikes (ha) and were gonna be used as small highly manouvreable (cbrn) recce assets for armd recce units, which again was just about sellable. however the latest is were gonna form decon troops and their slowly slipping this in the back door. someone said the role is 1 quarter cbrn and the rest normal recce, yeah right decon is happening and this will increase on the sly as we go on. so that is whats gonna be happening in the coming years, so if you want to learn how to operate a pressure washer than leicster is the place, no on second thoughts nottingham is the place, what ever you do dont jion them cockney w@nkers down in the smoke.... bitter im not bitter
  12. There's nothing wrong with decon. But it's quite simply too easy a job to keep a whole regiment occupied the entire time. The fact is that all five squadrons of the RY now have the same suite of different but related jobs.

    See here.

    What this translates into is this. The RY is required to be able to provide (at most) a squadron of decon soldiers, should the Jt CBRN Regt require it. But it is also required (again, at most) to be able to provide a number (I'm being cagey about being too precise, but we're talking more than a handful) of troops of formation CBRN recce soldiers. In addition, on an ongoing basis, the RY provides (and has provided) IRs (as handfuls of bods and formed troops) to its affiliated regiments for peace support ops.

    Now, maybe all that is harder to understand than "I'm an infanteer" or "I'm armoured recce". But it is just not true that the RY's entire job is decon or that that is a hidden agenda. You can teach decon in a week.

    So CBRN (which is an interesting discipline) occupies the RY for only part of the year. The remainder is spent doing the same exercises the RY has always done (now with a CBRN twist, usually, but sometimes pure recce), including counter-insurgency, FIBUA, etc.

    The bottom line, for me anyway, is that the RY has more interesting roles than almost any other unit (except those that devour civilian careers) and is continually challenging. It's a deployable suite of roles in a growth industry: see here. Being in the RY means being part of a unit which specialises in countering the threats of the 21st century rather than the last one. It suits me. It might or might not suit signalsanyone: that's for him to decide.
  13. what sqn are u? a or w
  14. signalsanyone, I'm from the area you are from and the strongest unit in your area is Engineers. I've not seen any of then moaning about their lot on this site which I have to admit is very rare.
    Going to any other unit would probably mean traveling greater distances as you move up the ranks (thats if you plan to stay that long)
  15. If you want to see what we in B (LDY) Sqn do, come in on a Tue night and ask all the questions you want. PM me if you want more info