46 Signal Squadron Detachment 38 Signal Regiment

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by roguefailure, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys and girls. I am wanting to transfer away from my current unit to join a signals unit. I have had a look see and this is the closest one to me. I heard rumours it was being binned and a RE unit was moving in but I am probably wrong. Before I speak to the powers that be, could anyone give me a heads up on this unit (it's at Ulverscroft Road, Leicester) and as to what it is like and what night they have their drill night? I followed this clicky but other than a brief mention of having a troop there it doesn't say much. Thanks in advance.
  2. Read the forum before making the move, there are pages of scaleys dripping about how crap their life is.

    Edit. The TA forum I mean, not the sigs forum.
  3. 875 troop at Ulverscroft Road Leicester was relocated back to Derby in 2006. 46 Signal Squadron in Derby will be your closest signals unit.

    Go see them, they are a good bunch.
  4. Derby is a bit far to travel for me unfortunately as I don't finish work until gone 6.30pm so parade nights would be difficult. Do you know what is there now? I think the Royal Anglians are there but as I said earlier, I was told there is a RE troop there.

  5. Try using this modern thing called the motorway, or put another way use the M1 to J25 and then follow the A52 to Lenton and join one of the best troops in 38 Sigs.

    I promise you'll get the best tuition Sigs can offer (TA SAS Sigs and a little bit extra - others think about it - crossword etc), experts in infantry skills and comms skills. This weekend, they had soldiers traveling from Blackburn, Leeds and Sheffield just to be there.
  6. Or alternatively you could join the adult (ish) version of the ACF.

    Bunch of STAB cnuts.
  7. You are a complete utter ******. I have attended a funeral of a 'STAB' within the last month, I'm sorry he wasn't in a regular corps like you.

    He didn't mess around with radio's after he left his TA 'REMF' corps. A bit like another of his regt who also died this week, who also left the same corp.

    And to the third member of this (ex-current TA member) fabled corps, who also got killed in action.

    Geordie this is your worst post ever
  8. FFS the bodies arn't even cold yet.

  9. Well us stabs and friends of the deseased are old enough and ugly enough to take it on the chin, I just hope family members arn't reading this.

    Can you imagine you already wondering what your son,brother,husband died for and you log into arrse and see what regard they were held in by their regular colleagues.

    before they're even buried.