46 Midlands Division - Great War

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by easesprings, May 9, 2008.

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  1. For part of TA100 I am due to complete an ardous exercise completing a 100 mile walk follwing the route the 46 Midlands Division took in the great war. I have tried the usual sites online to find any information of why they took the route and why the march however my research ahs been unsuccessful. All I can find is the units orbatted to 46 Midlands Division. Can anyone shed any light on the march or point me in the direction of any published books in the matter.

    Many thanks
  2. Which regiments were involved and when and where (roughly) did it take place?
  3. Try The Great War Forum, it`s full of very knowledgeable people who will help you. Also on the site is a section that deals with unit locations during the war. It`s a great site.

  4. Orbat
    These are the County Regts that are part of the Regt Herritage

    138th Brigade (Lincoln and Leicester)
    1/4th Battalion, The Lincolnshire Regiment (until January 1918)
    1/5th Battalion, The Lincolnshire Regiment
    1/4th Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment
    1/5th Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment

    Not to sure on dates as for route take not sure all I have is the route we are taking
  5. Brigades or Regiments will almost certainly have been detached at some point and taken their own routes.

    Presumably you would want to follow the Division HQ. The War Diary, which usually records locstats daily, often with a grid, should be in the Records Office at Kew.
  6. Do you know what country it was in?

    I'd wondered if it was one of the recruiting marches done in England and whether the North Staffordshire Regiment was involved as I recall some details from a book I have.

    Looks like it won't be much help, sorry.
  7. Have you read the book Captain Staniland's Journey - The North Midaland Territorials Go To War by Martin Middlebrook

    its mainly about the boston company of the 4th Lincolns up to when Captain Staniland was killed
  8. You could try here:


    I do remember reading a book by a bloke who's grandad had been in the, I think, Leicestershire Regiment during the First World War and who followed in his grandads footsteps 70 odd years later, unfortunately I can't remember the title. I will have a look around at home and see if I still have it though I think probably not.
  9. Many thanks for your help this should help the research a bit more.

    As an R Anglian, my Coy has many links with the Leicestershire Regiment so will give that some further research
  10. I hope you'll try to recreate this piccie:

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