46 dangerous terrorists released from prison.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. According to Ministry of Justice figures, at least 20 convicted terrorists have been freed from jail this year after completing their sentences. Another 26 will be eligible for release over the next two years.

    Always thought it was normal in this country to let people go after they did their time
  2. Britain leads the way yet again in the world terrorist appeasement program. I thought this was a blairite tactic but evidently not so.
  3. I take it then, that those who are NOT here legally will be put on the next plane out?
  4. Seriously doubt that.If they suggest that they may be subjected to any physical harm in their own country,they will be given leave to stay here.
  5. Sorry bud,my sick sense of alledged humour.
  6. Fixed that for you. The only way a terrorist will spend a significant amount of time in jail is they do something really bad. Like knife an MP.
  7. Nope. Meet the new boss; just as big a cnut as the old boss.
  8. Thanks the DT obviously got it wrong :)

    You make stabbing an MP sound like a bad thing
  9. How very dare you! I would have regarded this as Mitigating Circumstances. Although she deserves 15 years for such poor drills...
  10. Yes and rightly so.. but that also holds that the punishment fits the crime.. which it hardly does. In other words(in the case of terrorists at least) - **** em!
  11. Why is it in America there are probably thousands of prisoners for whom life without parole means exactly that, whereas in this country, there are only a few who are unlikely to ever be released. Is it a difference in cultural attitude towards crime & punishment?
  12. We may also be about to lose six prisons,which won't help.
  13. We could always convert that new aircraft carrier we're mothballing to become a prison! Anchor it in the North Sea, it could become our own floating Alcatraz.
  14. I've been thinking about this for years.. Not with the likes of Ark Royal though.. More like the P&O ferries. Change the name ofc to P&O though.. Prisons & Offenders.

    Then float them out places as a sort of migrating indentured workforce to the highest bidder. Oil-spill need cleaning up? No problem. French port barricade needs breaking open? We got you covered.
    Similarly the worst inmates will find themselves in Trident.. in the mid atlantic.. without engines.. or lube.