457 Bty RA - Southampton

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Shelly, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. Has anybody any knowledge of the Battery? i.e. is it a good crack, interesting exercises, good standard of loose and easy totty?

    I'm an ex-Gunner 34 years of age - though still retaining my boyish good looks! wishing to rejoin the beloved Corps in some capacity. Realise I might be a bit too old these days but any info anybody could give would be appreciated.

  2. surley an ex-gunner would never refer to the Royal Regiment of Artillery as a Corps????
  3. I know of the battery through its OC. Seems to be a good crack.

    Several lads have been off to Malta for a 2 week recruit course and the battery went out to Gib for 2 weeks this year as annual camp. They're due to bew re-roling to FSC in the near future, so things look good.

    Hope this was of some use.
  4. And thats a GOOD thing ?

    A bit on Malta

    TA in Malta

    theres a good vid there as well