450 Man ORBAT for SCOTS

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Charlie_Cong, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Noticed the following in the Daily Telegraph:

    My italics

    Defence cuts: Scottish infantry spared as English regiments axed - Telegraph

    Allowing for journalistic licence / ignorance, and putting aside the question of whether the above is fair ( Nope ) ... Does this represent an arbitary cap to save capbadges, or is there some doctrinal reasoning behind it?

    Or will it simply be the average manning once you take into account the difference between AI / Protected Mobility / light battalions?
  2. i thought these were the kinds of numbers they were operating at already, i think they've just found a way to declare them fully manned and recruited.
  3. Retaining an iconic Scottish cap badge will have more to do with planning for the referendum on devolution than increasing the agility of a British infantry brigade. (Agility, a word that is going to be misused a lot in coming months)

  4. its a win win,if they lose the vote theres a another defence cut there ready made, and they can blame fat alex,whilst saving more on defence.
  5. Saving what capbadge? The Royal Regiment of Scotland all wear the same capbadge.
  6. Apologies - by capbadges, I meant the links to previous regimental titles.
  7. I have to say I was puzzled - I always though inf bns had different establishments according to role (lt, AI, whatever), but this would seem to be saying that for bns of the SCOTS the establishment is decided by recruitment not role.
  8. Does this mean that for as long as the Scottish battalions exist from now on they'll always have to be stuck into the easiest AO or on FP because they won't have the manning that everyone else has?

    Or that they'll need to have extra companies added from other regiments before they can deploy?
  9. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Again the rest of the RRS suffers for the pride of a certain regtimental family, and again the Argylls are down to a Company strength, when the SofS went on about the emphasis on reactive forces based around 16AA Bde and AI Bdes but 16 loses two BGs' it makes very little strength. The forces may be flexible, adaptable but they sure as hell won't be sustainable.
  10. Oops wrong thread, please delete.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Apart from the devolution argument, it means that they keep a Bn HQ - CO, Adjt, etc - without the necessary number of Soldiers to justify it. It's ridiculous, and will go a long way to making some Bns look ridiculous as well. Currently for HERRICK a Bn is increased by Atts. With the Scots Bns, it will be far more Det than Bn, and that's not sensible, surely. Still, it keeps a lot of Senior slots open, I suppose, so must be 'good' for the promotion pyramid. For example, a CO or RSM will be chosen from the 450 Officers or Men, rather than the normal 650 - better odds! (I know it's not how it works in practice, but that's the ultimate effect.)
  12. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    "..the Army will make this work." Nicholas Soames MP, one day this magic fcuking mantra won't work you bunch of cnuts.
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  13. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Julian Brazier, how is your city going to replace the approximately £3 million a month disposable income having a infantry battalion stationed there brings in? And going wider what economic help is the Govt going to give to all these other cities and area which will lose the economic benefits of having an Army base nearby?

    Oh bollox what do I care any more........
  14. i know on H10 3SCOTS deployed with a platoon from 1SCOTS and approx 40 TA punters from 6&7SCOTS. with them they could still only manage 2 "fully manned" coys (less than 100 men each), 2 FSG's (which combined less than 100 guys) and a coy (actually about 40-50 guys) to do OMLT. they got a lot more bods whilst in theatre as well as BCR's from 3YORKS but at the very beginning of the tour they were probably about 350-400 strong (at the time i was told it was the smallest Bn in the army).

    i know their manning is a lot better now but when they deployed on H15 i'm told they had "a hoorload" of pioneers attached to them (and now that they've been binned maybe some of them will fancy a career in bullshit at the watch).

    450 doesnt seem too bad
  15. I wonder what the real political effect would have been if the cuts had followed strictly objective criteria and one, or possibly two, Scottish battalions had gone? Sure, there would have been a bit of a stooshie, and doubtless Wee Eck would have treated us to some 'statesmanlike' rhetoric, but a release of hard figures may have made that hard to sustain. Such a move would doubtless have added to the miasma of victimhood that swirls round the glens, but to what extend would it have translated into more pro-independence votes? I dunno, but can't help feeling someone, somewhere bottled it.
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