45 Regt.

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by orificecadet, Jan 15, 2004.

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  1. Are there any seriously old salts on here who would remember 45 regt and a certain officer Maj W.R.H. Cobham, am having a bit of a dig around but there seems to be very little info on him?
    Any help most appreciated! You would need to have been around from late sixties to early eighties.
  2. Remember the Regt, But not the Officer. It was a fine Unit and had a fair football team won the Army Challenge Cup when it was worth winning. Late 70's early 80's????
  3. Was 45 Regt RA not reffered to as the Fishmongers?

    Some tale about a WRAC Major several blurkes and loads of ale??

    Can any one remember this dit?
  4. Yeah I remember something going around in the late 80's about a fishmonger who dressed as a WRAC Major, although he was better looking, and got the young crows from 45 to bum him and he'd give them a blow job. As I recall, a guy in Aldershot did the same thing, although "he only did it for the money"!
  5. I was 45 Regt from 1988 untill the disbandment and i cant remember the officer either,sorry.i do however remember the fish story and knew the guys involved.......................................
  6. Yeah no this was a bloke i believe left 1984... Thanks very much for the memories tho! Any other offers?
  7. An old topic I know, but I was 45 and I knew the guy in question. Apparently (as I wasn't witness!) this then young Gunner, got caught in a car with this WRAC Major/fishmonger/player of the pink claranet by the guard whilst parked up in Kirkee Bks, Colchester. Now they werent shaking hands, and they werent hugging each other either, ok the WRAC may have been choking on a boiled sweet as Gnr ****** was supposed to have been giving him/her/it the Heimlich maneuver, naked!

    After that, the tabloids got hold of the story, made it front page, and he was quickly posted off to the Falklands for a few months! Now the details may not be 100% accurate, but hey this is the ARmy Rumour Service, what I will say though is that despite what he got caught doing, he was a good lad, he even got married a few years later. Now when 45 disbanded, he moved with onto ** Regt, "now a good time to leave all that in the past he thought", oh oops bugga (pardon the pun :lol: ) did I let it slip (and again :wink: ) at a Bty function!


    Any other stories from 45? Anyone remember the Gunner from 52 Bty who had a habit of being involved in RTA's? Managed to lose an FH70 on the way back from Otterburn once!
  8. that wouldnt happen top have been snorbits would it?

  9. I remember that,he was driving back from westdown camp in the early hours to colchester,he was a handsome chap named after a rather large dog belonging to Bernie Winters
  10. I was in 45 regt, and remember snorbits losing an fh70, an easy mistake to make for someone so dim.
    Its only 9 and a half ton that he didn't realize he wasn't towing any more, also remember him ripping open his diesel tank on the gun square 5 min after trying to give me a row for driving to fast
  12. I sure do remember him ripping the fuel tank open, ended up chasing him around with a bag of spill salt and I wasn't the only one. I remember him giving back his one week old stripe after that.

    How's it going then Jock do you remember me?

  14. Do you remember the fire brigade being called because there was black smoke bellowing out of a room window in Kirkee Bks. When they arrived it was Snorbitz burning his boots down..
  15. Talk to Dave Bryant - he was there 1962 - 1966 - then 29.................probably too posh now though!