45 Days in Iraq!


From a post deep in the TA Board, a the DCI for the Telic medal deems you have had to serve 45 days in Iraq to qualify for the Telic gong!

Looks like 33 Fd Hosp won't be getting the two gongs it thought it was entitled to- having had to sit out the big push in Kuwait.
45 days??

Cool - ANOTHER medal for the Snail!!!!!
The rules are out now, but they are not clear. Shock. I only had a quick look at the signal this afternoon but I will try and make sense of it tomorrow and get back - unless someone is at work and can get on the intranet and make sense of it all.....
Do we know where qualifies as zone 2?


The MoD website has the criteria for the Iraq Medal, with clasp qualification dates etc. Looks like a good good, harps back to the old 1882 Egypt Medal with the Babylonian statue on the back. Not sure what the Op Telic 2 will get as it doesnt mention them.

Plus the Medal will awarded for service in Kuwait.
bad news for medal collectors, its one gong, whether you were there for 30 days or 30 years, same medal for those out therre now as for those out there at the start, only difference is the clasp. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and those at 33, if they did 30 days after the 20 Jan 03, then theyll get it too.
One and the same gong for all, to prevent double medaling for same theatre.


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here y'go


( Alfie - good bite. The only gong-hunters I've met in my TA unit seem to be...er...ex-regs, as it goes! funny old thing... only 6 of our guys qualify for the clasp, having deployed in Feb 03)

pip pip what ? :?
well it was common knowledge in theatre where i was it was only going to be 1 medal with clasp. and that was during the summer.
no you cant LWM, the ACSM is only for the GSM, not any other gong.
Sluice Dweller...you been in the army long? Done lots of service? Know the score?

Its a miniature you buffoon. 8O

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