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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BrandySmith, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Anyone remember if operation Warpaint was 2000 or 2003?
  2. It was 2003 - I was on Warpaint and I didn't arrive at 44 until 2002.
  3. You still at 35 Lobster?
  4. Thanks. Another is swearing it was 2000 but I'll take your word for it! Is there anywhere to find out what operations took place when and what squadrons were involved short of going through each individual sdr history?
  5. depends how far you want to go back, but been a bit sad (ex-RSM's Clerk) I know the regimental and Sqn histories better than most, ask away
  6. No, I left for civ div in September 2005. Are you still there?
  7. No mate also departed to civvy strasse,
    December 2006

    had an awesome time there
  8. Yeah, me too!

    If you were the RSMs Clerk, I think I know you by sight, but not more than that as I was 44. I think you were in the same Sqn as F***y?