44 Parachute Brigade (TA)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sapukay, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. Hi there,

    I don't suppose anyones got an Order of Battle for the TA Para Bde on disbandment in 1978?
  2. In 1977 44 Para Bde consisted of 4 Para, 10 Para, 15 Para and 16 (ind) Coy in Lincoln all allocated war time roles within BAOR.
  3. Was 16 coy the pathfinder coy?

    Apart from 562 para sqn, RCT, 131 para sqn, RE and 266 para bty, RA where there other supporting arms?
  4. 44 Parachute Ordnance Field Park (Airportable) RAOC (V)

    Located at Southall, Middlesex
  5. 44 Parachute Brigade Signal Troop

    located at Chelsea

    Was part of

    55th (West Lancashire) Signal Squadron, Royal Signals (V)
  6. While about it, I found an Orbat for the TA 16 Airborne Division


    [ NB –although headquartered in London this division had units nationwide]

    North Somerset Yeomanry, Bath

    285 Airborne Light Regiment, Stratford

    291 Airborne Field Regiment, Lewisham

    292 Airborne Anti-tank Regiment, Kensington

    131 Airborne Engineer Regiment, Kingsbury

    16 Airborne Divisional Signal Regiment, Uxbridge

    16 (Lincoln) Independent Parachute Company, Lincoln

    16 Airborne Divisional RASC

    16 Airborne Divisional RAOC

    16 Airborne Divisional REME

    16 Airborne Divisional RAMC

    4 Parachute Brigade

    10 (London) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Chelsea

    11 (Middlesex) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Hounslow

    14 (Hampshire) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Southampton

    5 Parachute Brigade

    12 (Yorkshire) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Pudsey

    13 (Lancashire) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Liverpool

    18 (Warwickshire) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Aston

    6 Parachute Brigade

    15 (Scottish) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Glasgow

    16 (Welsh) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Cardiff

    17 (Durham LI) Bn, Parachute Regiment, Gateshead
  7. 16 Coy was the pathfinder coy for 44 Para Bde, as for the various supporting units mentioned above by other posters I couldn't comment. Whether they were part of 44 Para Bde ORBAT or provided battlefield replacements for regular units I wouldn't know.
  8. 44 Parachute Brigade(V) was disbanded on 31st March 1978
    Final orbat was:

    Bde HQ and Defence Platoon - Chelsea
    289 Para Bty, RHA(V) - East Ham (actually had left the Bde in 1977 when it converted to Cdo Arty Bty)
    131 Indep Para Sqn, RE(V) - HQ London with Troops in Birmingham, Hull and Grangemouth
    44 Para Bde Signal Troop - Chelsea
    4 Para (V) - HQ Pudsey
    10 Para (V) - HQ London
    15 Para (SV) - HQ Glasgow
    16 Indep Para Coy (V) - Lincoln
    562 Para Sqn, RCT(V) - Southall
    144 Para Fd Amb, RAMC(V) - HQ London with dets in Nottingham, Glasgow and Cardiff
    44 Para OFP, RAOC (V) - Heston
    1 Para Provost Pl, RMP(V) - Tulse Hill

    In answer to the above 16 Coy was indeed the brigade pathfinder/recce unit.
  9. Hi, 44 Para OFP was in Heston Hounslow, I served with them from 1973-76
    Good Times
  10. Were they not in the Duke of Yorks Bks in Chelsea, as, I imagine, you are inferring they were at Chelsea Bks?
  11. 144 Para Fd Amb RAMC(V) were one of the only support units to survive the disbandment. They lost the title Parachute existing as a conventional Field Ambulance although the unit continued to wear the Red Beret, send it,s troops to P coy and had a high percentage of Para trained personnel (prb about 90%) until becoming part of 23 PFA in 1995 as (C) 144 Para Sq (V). They still exist as 144 Parachute Medical Squadron, the TA squadron of 16 Medical Regiment the medical support for 16 Air Assault Brigade.

    144 were the last unit in the British Army to wear the Denison smock and steel 1940 pattern P helmet.
    Still got mine!
  12. 144 were the last unit in the British Army to wear the Denison smock and steel 1940 pattern P helmet.

    1978 ish?
  13. Believe it or not 1982/83. Used to get strange looks from the RAF on aircraft and in Balloons.
  14. I suspect that the looks were more of " Is this guy for real or has he pitched up from the cast of The Eagle Has Landed" :D