.44 magnum practial pistol loads

I am going to be getting an .44 tauris lbr for some practical shooting matches, and as such I want to use 'service' loads (for want of a better word) since we cant use hollow point ammo...maby lead or fmj 240g wadcutters loaded with 12gains of powder ???
well back in the day pre 97 load of the practial boys used them....but you cant no more so wadcutters are next best thing...i am debating weather to use lead or fmj ?
If you are seriously proposing to compete in UKPSA approved matches, you are probably better off getting the Taurus model in 0.45 ACP. These use 'moonclips' to hold all 6 rounds and are much faster to reload than a 0.44 or 0.357 with conventional speedloaders.

If you are really set on the 0.44, I would steer you away from the semi-wadcutters, as the sharp edges can hang up on the edge of the cylinder. You really want a lead round nose for this application, as these will speedload more smoothly. But as most 0.44 bullets sold in this country are used in lever action gallery rifles, the most common type you will find are lead flat nose, which is a type of truncated cone.

12 grains of powder? Are you demented - which one? You want a moderate load of fast to medium burn rate powder, but I hope you are sane enough to only use published data. You only need enough to make major power factor and give a good group - wrist cruching loads are a waste of money and will only slow down your times. These days, a lot of the US cowboy action shooters are using a powder called Trail Boss which fills out the case well due to its high volume to weight ratio.

Oh - and forget FMJ in 0.44. Even if you could find some in this country, the cost would make your eyes water.
What Gun Nut said.

The only person I know who bought a .357 LBR regretted it straight away and is changing it for a .45 ACP.

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