.44 mag taurus

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by mr griffin123, Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. I recently got a .44 mag lbr, tried shooting it one handed only got 2 shots on target, the muzzle rise was massive....what stuff can you use to clean the crap off the cylinder without taking the finish off ?
  2. Birchwood Casey lead removing cloth to clean the cylinder without damaging the finish. I bought one about 20 years ago and it still has plenty of use left in it.

    Why on earth are you using full house loads? That's a complete waste of time for target shooting. Go with a recommended load of a fast burning powder or one of the newer cowboy action powders like Trail Boss.
  3. Our club has a 44 Taurus, although I have used magnum loads, I would recommend Gun Nuts approach. I load a 240 grn SWC on top of moderate amounts of N310 or N340, still some kick but not punishing. As for cleaning, I find that the lead removing cloths work wonders, mine is not as old as GNs but not far behind.
  4. What country is your club in?
  5. Ex Stab
    The club is in Germany, more specifically Javelin Bks.
    I knew that there was a good reason to stay here. In England half of what I own would get me a quick visit at zero dark hundred hours from the Gestapo, followed by life in "the showers".
  6. Yes, makes you wonder about a lot of those hard fought for "freedoms"....... :x