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some chap claims that he was in a loggy convoy in 2005 from Basrah to Iskonderia (Poss Iskanderiyah near Faluja) Prior to the introduction of the Bulldog variant in 2006 I cannot remember seeing any 432s other than HQs, Medics and Mortars. (That is Telic One and 4/5) Besides it is rather a long way for a track move.

Any of you helpful chaps shed any light?


I was on TELIC 1 with the Sappers.

32 Engr Regt as 7 Armd Bde's CS Regt, and 28 Engr Regt as the 1 Div GS Engr Regt used FV 432 as the basic Armd Sqn/ Mech Sqn troop carrier. I believe that the CS Engr Regts would have used this vehicle at least through to TELIC 4.


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432s were used by 7X on Telic 7 (2005-6) by the Bde Sig Sqn on their forays down to Camp Bucher (sic?). Pretty sure that the sappers had them too, but Infantry were either in Warriors or Snatches.


There was one that seemed to just be abandoned in the hangar in AZP on Telic 4, no idea whose it was.

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Was he possibly mistaken as to what he was sitting in? Maybe a Spartan?


Depends when in 05 - I was out there at Div HQ in late 05 and we certainly had various 432 variants on camp. Depending on when the Black Watch came back from fallujah though, I'm not sure whether they would have done any convoys up that way though after a certain point.
I was in 11 Fd Sqn RE on Telic 2 in 2003 and we had 432's. They weren't used much to be honest.

I think this was due to them being unable to perform a neutral turn, which was probably handy in Basra city where my troop spent most of its time. Saying that, the QLR cut about in Saxons. I cant imagine them having good turning circles either. Also, we hitched a lift in the King'os Warriors whenever we could.

We, the field'ies, used them after there had been a lot of rioting a few times in the city, and our planty's had been tasked to clear the roads up. To be honest they weren't the best for mobility and we mainly used cut down land rovers with bits of Hesco over the windows etc looking like some poor mans version of a WMIK. These were a lot handier, but lacked the obvious protection. A lot quieter than 432's aswell, which was handy when working at night and we had to nip about the city.

We had a job up in Nasiriyah, but again chose an all wheeled fleet to get up there with all our equipment etc. Mainly as you could get a good speed up on the MSR (Sioux falls or Tampa I forget now). I imagine with the top speed of a 432 at about 35-40mph on a good day, the journey would of taken a lifetime. And the fact that 432's love breaking down.

Obiously this is before the IED threat went massive. Was a different story when I went back in 2006.

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