Discussion in 'REME' started by 432man, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi just aquired 432 for laugh.Live in Wiltshire anyone out there who could help me maintain it P.s i know im mad
  2. Check your PM's
  3. Not mad mate but without a doubt you are a Loooooooossssseeeeeerrrrrr.
  4. Try the IWM at Duxford, there are a number of Walts there who have their own...

    (not for one minute suggesting you are a Walt, of course!)
  5. Why would you want a 432? We all know that the Army does not spend money with ease so if the Army do not want them there is a reason!! buy a car.
  6. search the interweb for the north london barmy army they have one or two bits and pieces
  7. ABRO Bovington are in the middle of upgrading a load of these to the ‘new’ FV430 MK3 Bulldog vehicles and therefore may well help you with some spares or who they sold them onto. I think we are only talking about the engine and gearbox, however worth a call, as ABRO procure their own spares rather than rely on the traditional Army stores system. Here’s a couple of links for you:


    FV430 MK3 Bulldog Vehicle

    Have Fun!
  8. Last I heard all the work is or has been transferred to Bovy, as Donnington is marked for closure.