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Discussion in 'REME' started by stefdaunt36, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Whilst looking through a local newspaper supplement, I spotted an advert for a paintballing site. On the advert was a photo of a 432 with a Sabre turret! Was this a trial Mod or something put togeather after MOD disposal :?
  2. The Berlin 432,s used to have a Fox turret fitted, which i believe where also fitted to Sabre, which was a Scorpion Chassis and Fox Turret as the origional Scorpion was armed with a 76mm gun once.
  3. Spot on Crunchie. As a point of no interest - the fox turrets used on Sabre were machined to accept the L94 Chain Gun, rather than the GPMG.

    The 76mm turrets were flogged to Brasil apparently, not sure what happened to the fox hulls though...

    A strange beast I've seen here in Aus is the MRV - An M113 fitted with a Scorpion turret - ugly as.
  4. The 438 (swingfire) had a turret too. I saw one not too long ago painted in that crazy pink and grey Berlin Colours.
  5. They were last used in Warminster, at LWC, as "enemy" wagons. I had to bloody look after the things.
  6. Is this it

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  7. Yep, thats the one. :D
  8. LMAO...love the ladder at the front...must get a GEM suggestion in for that.

    who's nicked the smoke dischargers...... :D :D :D
  9. Our 432 in Aden had a turret fitted, nicked from a Ferret, fitted with a 50 Browning, no sights, you just hosepiped it, more in desperation than in any hope of accuracy.
    No photos , sorry, but when it was shipped back to UK it was full to the top with carpets, fridges, cookers etc left by the NAAFI when they hightailed it from Khormaksa (sp?).
    I just hope whoever unloaded from the ship enjoyed our ill-gotten gains!
  10. Hello,

    this is what happened to one of them.


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  11. What the hell is that?

    Is it a stretched out 43?
  12. Can't see them catching on for hen nights
  13. Flockin Hell Tango Six

    Pimp my ride up or what, we have spent billions on FRES (maybe not so future), why didnt we just get all those nosh bags at the IPTs to look at this one and they could probably have banged out some more Adventure Training - JOB DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Isn't there one in Bovington museum still?