432 Mk2....15EA71

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Arters, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. I came across this Veh. in the middle of a field near Newark at the W/E.
    All the hatches were open and the rear door unlocked, rather than risk
    the wrath of the local Farmer, I managed to trace the owner and after
    a long chat, he told me it was a 'runner' but sounded very rough and
    lacked power.
    It was painfully obvious that he knew nothing about the glorious 'Beast'
    at all, in fact he had put 90lts of Petrol in her, he was pissed off when
    I informed him it was a Diesel.
    The Batteries were flat but all the levels were fine with very little oil
    Some so and so had painted it purple with two wide white stripes running
    front rear.
    It is fitted out for 'Bowman' with all the eqpt. racks still in situ, there is a
    Map Board and table just inside on the left.

    My questions are...
    1...Does anybody recognise the reg. number?
    2...Was it a bleep vehicle?...Bowman was well after my last 439 on flick.
    3...What Unit, it looks like a Bde/Div Complex Veh to me.

    I will post the photos taken when mi' laddo PM's them to me.
  2. Ooooooh. Photos! I can't ******* wait.
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  3. Aren't they Multifuel engines?
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  4. 15EA71, that strangely rings a bell. Ask on the Sapper Forum. Weirdly, I think it belonged to 32 at Hohne.

    Could just be a flashback though.
  5. They are now, but I think the original ones were Perkins diesels
  6. Piss off sprog.
  7. Arters.
    Your description makes it sound in better nick than some 43s I've had dealings with! ;-)
  8. Spookily I thought it sounded like a 26 AES vehicle...
  9. Whats a FV432? ;)

    Had a brief encounter with the side of one at Fallingbostal, mid 80's I guess. I discovered that when one is turned over by a complete retard of a driver who managed to run the right track up a bank and put it on its side, being thrown across the rear and into the side wall, followed by a mountain of equipment, is not the most pleasing of experiences. Only damage was a ripped off exhaust if I remember.

    As for fuel..Mk1 was petrol, Mk2 was multifuel and mk3 was diesel..if I remember that is. I certainly remember more than one having diesel put in a petrol varient.
  10. Power Plant

    Originally the mk1 was fitted with the Rolls Royce B81 Petrol engine. With the introduction of the mk2 and mk2/1, the pack was replaced with the Rolls Royce K60 diesel-multifuel engine. Both engines transmitted drive to the steering box via the Allinson semi-automatic gearbox.

    In 2006 the fv432 family went through a major refit. Due to health and safety concerns, the whole power plant and transmission was replaced as steering and braking systems were one of the same. To overcome this the MOD have fitted separate braking and steering systems, now powered by the Cummins 6BTA engine.