43 yr old civilian as potential recruit for pysops query

Can anyone help with this recruiting question
I have known this individual for some time and it has always struck me that he would be useful, but not necessarily with the obvious arms and services. He has considerable and senior level experience with marketing, PR, information management and would be ideal for the pysops/info ops community.
I happen to mention this to him and he became very enthusiastic. The only problem is age (43). Given the quasi nature of subject matter as a profession, is a DE commission out of the question. PQ covers medics, dentists, vets, lawyers as one might expect as well as the broader computing/sigs element of LIAG. Is there a case to be made to cover pysops?

As it is Tri Service would it be better for him to approach RNR?
He has not served before
Any advice gratefully received
TA Regs again:

15 (UK) Psyops Group

145. The Psyops Group consists of officers and soldiers, either with expertise in the media field (including TV, radio, printing, photography, illustration or information technology) or with proven command and leadership skills.

146. Eligibility. Specialist officer candidates without former commissioned or non- commissioned service should have obtained a pass grade in at least 5 GCSE subjects, one of which must be English.

147. Selection Boards.

a. All officer candidates regardless of whether or not they have former commissioned service, or already hold a commission in another TA unit, are to attend an initial selection board convened by Comd 15 (UK) Psyops Group (see para 4.036c(5)).

b. The board will recommend selected commissioned officers for appointment in the Group and potential officer candidates for either (1) the grant of a direct commission, or (2) TA potential officer training and attendance at the RMAS TA commissioning course for those aged under 30, or the TA PQO course for those aged 30 or more.

c. All potential officers are then to attend a TA Commissioning Board or TA Selection Board as appropriate. The board is to assess the candidate ’ s suitability for commissioning, having taken the assessment of the initial selection board into account. If unsatisfactory, candidates should be deferred for 6 months. A second refusal is to be referred to the Comd 15 (UK) Psyops Gp.

148. All officers commissioned and appointed to 15 (UK) Psyops Group will be appointed in the rank of second lieutenant in the R SIGNALS, or by exception in their chosen Corps. Exceptionally individuals filling a Captain ’ s appointment may be granted acting rank of Captain, subject to the agreement of TA & Res MCM Div APC. All newly appointed officers are to be on probation as laid down at paras 4.063-4.065.
A 3rd option would be for him to go via RauxAF, as the time involved from start to Commission is shorter (just over 12 months for me).

Either way, as pointed out by MSR, the first move should be to contact the Group, as he will have to be selected by them first.

It is a good unit, although slightly different from the normal reserve unit, as it is a tri-service unit with reserves attached. Hence there is no PSI, or any of the normal appointments normally associated with, say, a TA unit. This sometimes means that weekend training isn't what it might be, but it has improved dramatically over the last 6 months.

His background sounds ideal, tell him to call, and if he goes down the RauxAf route, I'd be happy to help out with some advice.
RNR Info Ops is an option - the problem would be timescale to getting him useable and whether we have slots for him at the time. IO is very oversubscribed for applicants right now and he may find himself shunted into another branch all together.

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