43 fld spt sqn

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 44walsh, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. anyone serve with 43 fld spt sqn can remember the germany postings ??
  2. I was in 43 Plant Sqn 89/90. You must have been pished if you can't remember where Osnabruck or inparticular Roberts Bks was :? Unless it was the sqn in NI that you served with :?
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Would that be 43 Fd Sp Sqn?
  4. Hi
    I served with 43 Fld Sp from 73-77, MT troop and Lighting Det', got suckered into that one.....!!

    Based at Roberts Bks Oznatraz.

  5. most of my time was with 39 sig when i left the regs and tryed the ta,
    im trying to find anyone who served with 43 that left the traz in 1978 and any of 43 history would be good too.
  6. I remember one of the Full Screws getting the wrong end of a MWT bucket through his arrse cheek in Roberts Bks. I've got a sqn Photo from 89 somewhere, I'll try and find it for the site.
  7. And I was running the Med Centre when that happened, it was a L/ Bdr who attended and HE probably saved his life.

    Then 43 set fire to three of their lads when doing NI trg, the water bowser was empty, so were the two fire extingushers! It was all hushed up as
    I recall! Nothing new for 43 then!!
  8. I was attached from RHQ when the guys got burnt :evil: Not a good day :!: The guy who was on the wrong side of the MWT was a LCpl - the driver was a Fullscrew.