43 disabled workers factories axed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Liabour now allowing the disabled to be thrown on the scrap heap they should be so proud ;shakefist: speachless with rage
  2. Yes,apparently, the work is to be farmed out to cheaper disabled workers factories in Eastern Europe, India and China:)

    So much for a caring government, now fleecing even the most unfortunate members of society.
  3. If i'm honest it does not really suprise me .
    I tried to give them some work and the quote came back the highest of 4...

    They wanted twice as much to do the work and they get 100million in subsidys.
  4. *Steps on Soapbox*

    to be honest, if mainstream Employers were willing to employ them in the 40s and onward, there would have been no need for Remploy, the attitude toward employing disabled people is still pretty much the same as then, there is an invisable glass door to some job opportunties, they were perceived to only good enough for collecting shopping trollies, manual work, road sweeping etc and I have heard some have been exploited with under minimum wage scale and no wage increase for years, some have helped to claim what is rightfully theirs, this is not giving them their dignity, some have been through colleges and aquired skills and degrees all counted for nowt, I should know I have some Deaf friends who have gone for Degree courses, University courses and find it difficult to get a job in their field due to their Deafness, this makes me fume, wasting talent and skills due to short sighted perception of disabled people, while those of lower qualification and excellent c0ck sucking ability get jobs above their ability :evil: , attitude is changing thankfully but slowly, too slowly !! :evil: , I do know some Deaf professionals mostly working in "Niche Employment" such as Disabled Advocacy work, teaching Sign Language, then of course "Mainstream Employment" Computing, Local Govt work, Some private companies, but not enough IMO, it is still Government agencies that is shouldering the burden of employing them and the should not be a requirement for private employers to have so many % of staff registered Disabled if they had a positive attitude in the first place, there would be no need for such legislation and Remploy.

    *Steps off soapbox*
  5. why go to Remploy when you employ your own staff directly ?
  6. In this business work ebbs and flows.

    On occasion we have to produce vast amounts of material and do not have labour available mainly due to the over demand ( I could use temps but am not a fan of "temps" it's actually the temp agency's I have issues with)
    I choose to sub contract the excess work out (locally) to other company's.
    If the work was full time ongoing then we would recruit full or part time persons. I will add that we are an equal opps employer and do have some disabled staff who do a very good job..

    We are also tempted to go off to Eastern Europe/ China to get this work done.But choose not to..
  7. Well i had to make a first post sometime and this be it.
    And 'fore i go on, i work for the above mentioned disabled outfit (10 years) and i'm the shop steward in the only Remploy facility in Kent, that's as far as ident goes.

    First off, I write what i am about to with no spite, simply saying it as i see it.

    02FD32: I can understand what you mean, your running a business and some of the quotes for jobs i've seen flyin' about are...well silly don't quite say it when it comes down to some buyers/estimators that we got.
    That said, it's not level across the board with Remploy and there lies one problem of many.

    The whole problem with this outfit is some fcukin' idiots in the government bean counter dept. want it to be a paying business when it never has been or will be due to the people we have working for Remploy. No disrespect to the workers but that's how it is.

    It wasn't set up to ba a paying business, it was set up for the diabled ex-serviceman to find work and/or be trained and progreessed into so called 'mainstream' employment. They are still trying to do this regardless of the disabled persons background but times be as times are and the manufacturing industries in the UK are slowly dying a death for many reasons, for many years now.

    Bottom line is this, the money we get paid from the Gov is £115 Mil, that don't even cover the loss my outfit has got due to severely top heavy managment structure and grossly inadequate financial controls that have been continuously draining company resources and finance for more years than most of us have been alive.

    Not too mention that about a half decade ago, a very senior member of the board was taken into the position at a time when he was under investigation for fraud by the Italian police (make of that what you will).

    Not saying it's all perfect, it's not. Not saying managment are the only ones to blame, they aren't. Fact is that employment of the kind that caters largely for disabled people to work is in decline due to the business realities of the world.

    After all fact is fact and someone that can knock out 2400 of *whatever it may be* in a day is going to be the one employed while the bloke who knocks out 300 a day is going to be down the dole office.

    Regardless of the fact that the fella who did the 300 a day has failing eyesight, difficulities with muscular control and has to sit down all day due to only having one and a half legs. Might sound nasty but there's the diff between what's right and what's business.

    One thing i will say 02FD32, being a disabled employer is one thing and a good thing but as you and others are aware but the majority are not, there are many types of disabilities. I've spent yesterday and today trying to keep folks from running about in panic and screwing themseves into the deck with a left hand thread as some have been here more than 25 years and have, sadly, little chance of going elsewhere once we shut as this factory is for the chop.

    Manic depressives are never easy to deal with and i got 4 here.

    I'm not disabled, most of the workers here are and if nowt else, they won't be left hangin' on my watch.

    Lunchtime over, back to the morale building bollocks.

    Go easy all!
  8. Whilst I currently have no particular view one way or another on this issue there are many reasons why the private sector do not employ disabled people, mainly because it's a cost to the business. This cost can only be passed on to the consumer through higher prices, an option the business does not always have. The Govt on the other hand can employ as many disabled as it wants as the costs are passed on to the consumer through higher taxes or less efficient service.

    I'll give you an example of inefficiency. It wasn't so many moons ago that a deaf employee of DSDA was employed on a customer help desk. Of course he/she couldn't answer the phone so it was dealt with by another employee who would type the enquiry into a machine so it could be read by the deaf employee, who would then type the response back in, and so on and so on. Result - pissed off customers, an employee employed solely to offset the disability of the deaf one, and a deaf person employed in a task to which he/she could add very little value.

    Maybe an extreme instance, but you get the picture. If I were to run my own business I would choose the best person for the job - whilst this would not automatically rule out a disabled person, if it imposed extra cost without realising extra value then it most certainly would.

    In respect of Remploy it provides (ed) the disabled with employment within an environment in which they are comfortable, particularly the more vulnerable ones. Particularly sad that it has come to this, and as just a civvie said 'it is more than a business'. Shame on the Govt for not supporting it.

  9. A sad story. Good luck with them, Nowjustacivvie mate.
  10. While i will always support the disabled worker or anyone that needs someone to stick up for 'em, that kinda behaviour in putting someone to work like that as mentioned above is so far beyond moronic...well there's more i could say but i don't want to clog up the bandwidth with too many expletives.

    I will always belive in giving a hand up to those that need it but there's got to be done reasonably. You are right when you say an extreme example, i just wish it was the only one but it probably isn't.
    It's just my mortal enemy, the PC thing going on again. :x

    'nuff said., go easy all.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    At first shout on the radio I couldnt see the logic in the Union organising strikes, that will surely finish the business! I really hope from both sides of the fence as an ex serviceman and an investor that some sensible compromise is reached so noone really looses out!

  12. Re: the bold, that person has been overemployed, he is in the wrong task, that doesn't mean he can't do something else in the office that doesn't require telephones conversations, we do have Email facility, texting, computing skills, after all this is the 21st Century, every disabled should have the right to be employed usefully and in fullfilling roles so they have more control over their lives, better earning potential and holdiay to sunny places , instead of disabled group holiday to the Isle of man, I would go nuts with that every year ! , in short a better quality of life, if you prefer to subsidise tehm on teh dole wit a disabled premium to cover the extra cost of disabled equipment fine as it is coming out of your taxes, after a whiel on the dole, you will quickly vegetate without any useful outlet such as hobbies and challenging skill work, poor health due to inactivity, lack of social skills dur to failure to meet different people from different backgrounds and learning to work with them.

    they may be able to do many jobs all they need is proper placement appropriate to thier skills and is challenging.

    not much to ask, all you need is a positive employer, many are hard workers, there will be a small proportion of slackers and lazy buggers, no different from mainstream employees :D most are like you and me, just a little bit different
  13. Ah now if it had been a tory Government Rent a Mob wouldbe on the streets marching.
    They haven't gone away ya know.
  14. Morning folks,
    Well to speak from the fella on the floor kind of perspective, first off any proposed strike action is only one of the possible alternatives.
    It is not and must never be the first option and from what the union powers that be have told this lowly shop steward, there is NO proposal to go on strike in the works untill all other options have been exausted.

    This is not the 70's and early 80's where some union idiots used militant action for the sake of it and to be beligerent rather than for a exact purpose leading to a defined goal.

    Take anything that the media pumps out with a pinch of salt as i have yet to see a fully accurate report of how things are and i have trawled more than the usual amount of media reporting this week. Maybe one day the media will put it out corretly but it doesn't look like it's going to be today.

    Also of note that about this time two years back the average annual cost of each employee was £16K then last year, £18k per year to employ. as of a week or two ago the company said that figure was £19k than lo and behold, Bob Warner CEO said it was £20k. I have a hard time beliving in a rise in cost of a thou inside of 14 days but then maybe i'm cynical like that.

    sempre: Your point about positive employers is a valid one. Fact of the matter is that through ignorance it just isn't happening as much as it should. When i say ignorance, that's just the lack of understanding kind, not any intentional stupidity.

    The PC dept. seem to belive in putting a folks from the so called 'minoritiy groups' into positions of work and it doesn't even cross thier mind about the knock on effects of what they will actually be doing to the employee, the other employees and the business as a whole.

    The whole picture is seldom looked at and this is where the smelly brown bovine stuff turns from a trickle into a full blown avalanche, usually landing on those who don't deserve it happening to them.

    Thing is, certain persons at the head of so called 'charities' that say they support the disabled worker are actually supporting the Remploy closures. Why you may ask?, They seem to think that any form of supported/sheltered/*insert favoured term here* employment is not a good thing.

    This is regardless of the fact that when a mob like Remploy goes, that means more funding for them despite the fact that the 'Remploy Task Force' composed of the leading members of these charities, has cost more per person on said task force to Remploy in the short time it's been in existance than it costs per disabled employee annually.

    As seems to be the case these days, the folks up top in these organisations are looking at it purely from a business perspective without regard to other important long term factors like people and thier wellbeing.

    On the factor of the Tory govt., Portillo tried to shut us down years ago and blew it big time when a few hundered folks wandered along to stand outside that large lumpy gaff with the impressive clock tower in London and say eaxctly what they thought of those proposals.

    Well whatever happens, rolling over and playing dead just ain't going to happen from the union point of view but for anyone who's interested, here's few sites of info to make up your own mind.




    Apologies of a sort for the long winded waffle but i am a shop steward, ability to yak for extended periods and write elongated messages is in the job description :D

    I'm off to get a cuppa, go easy people !