Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mushroom, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. Normally I'm far too polite to mention anything like this, but after all the crowing last year by ChickenPunk, etc.
  2. Good game
  3. being the fine upstanding Englishman that i am i comiserated with some Welshish people i know i will post the text replys i got
    1. B*ll*cks D***
    2. Feck off you english cnut
    the rest were bringing my perantage into question seams the Viettaff are bad losers :D
  4. Were you watching a different game to me? The score was 47-13.
  5. You disappoint me Balders, admitting to knowing Welsh people ;-)

    But then you admit to knowing me, sometimes.

    Good game, although I only saw the second half, lets hope for a grand-slam this year.
  6. I had to call out an engineer to work today who lives in Newport. He set about is tasks moaning like a bitch about missing the game etc. I've just texted him telling him he should thank me for saving him having to witness such a spanking to his national team. I got pretty much the same reply back as you baldrick "Feck off English Cnut"
  7. It was the better half.
    After Delallio came on.

    (Apologies if my spelling is incorrect.)
  8. Typed in the dark and and after several Becks.
  9. Fcuk. This means I'm going to have to support the b@stard French on 12 Mar. ;) (Still it wasn't all bad today- I had to get myself to an expat pub to watch today's games- drinking commenced at 0500L- the morning after having to supress hungover beer farts and belches and just trying to stay awake whilst sat at lunch next to the Deputy Director for Intelligence at CIA.) Got Superbowl Sunday tomorrow- it's starting to turn into an expensive weekend.

    Shame that Wales couldn't have fielded its 1st XV. I don't think we could've won, but at least it could've given you cnuts a game instead of receiving another fecking pasting.
  10. Chuffed to fcuk. Last year they played way above average, we were way below average and they squeezed past us. If it wasn't for that orange bufty we'd have beaten them. And the way the eyties played against Ireland, I wouldn't fancy the Taffys chances against them either. Was that a bubble I heard bursting....
  11. Ireland v Italy could have gone the other way. It was not a very good game to watch.
  12. Well played England, you completely outclassed us. Congratulations.

    Edited to add - Forgot to mention: Nice one Scotland - always great to see the Frogs get a kicking!
  13. Well done England , If Wales had its first team out it would of been closer , however
    you ba@tards would still have won .
  14. well done england you played well

    Was a good game to watch pitty about some bad decisions by the ref but you still would have beaten us.
  15. May I echo the comments WRT Scotland. They fought hard and fully deserved their victory. As it stands, I can't see anyone touching England, and the trip to Paris will be the Grand Slam decider