42F - Never Forgotten

On this day, 37 years ago, A group of four Royal Green Jackets with their RCT driver left Bessbrook Mill in their saracen as part of a two vehicle patrol close to the Irish border.

A short time later, they were all killed by a landmine which was exploded directly beneath their vehicle.

This is a photo of the four Green Jackets. Grenville Winstone, Michael Bagshaw, Andrew Gavin and John King. Winnie was the L/Cpl commander and the other three were the patrol Rifleman. The RCT driver, Paul Bulman, isn't in the photo but he is nevertheless in the thoughts of the Riflemen who remember this day 37 years ago.

I knew Winnie particularly well. He was a good mate of mine in B Company 1RGJ until I left in late 1977. We shared many a beer together during my time in the mob. He was a great lad with a wicked sense of humour and he could make you laugh wherever you were and whatever you were doing. I also knew Baggy very well because we joined the battalion at the same time in 1973 although he was in A Company, 1RGJ.

Rest in Peace to these five young men who gave their lives to contribute to peace in Northern Ireland.

Swift and Bold.
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A footnote to this post.

I popped out last night to raise a glass to 42F at a pub in Hillingdon. When I arrived, there were a couple of blokes in there who I know fairly well so I sat with them. I raised my glass and said to them, you won't know anything about this but this pint is for the lads of 42F who were killed on this day in 1981 in South Armagh.
They asked me who 42F were and I explained what had happened back in 1981.

One of them then said to me, I've got a good mate who lost a brother in Northern Ireland. I'm meeting him next week for a pint. He then mentioned his mates name. I don't recall the first name but the surname was Gavin. I then said one of the Riflemen killed in 42F was Andrew Gavin. I then showed him a Facebook picture of the group on my phone.

It turns out that his mate is Andrew Gavins brother and he had attended Andrews funeral back in 1981.

The upshot was that all three of us raised a glass to the memory of 42F.

Sometimes, it's a small world.
May they RIP
Thanks for telling us about them.
John (on his haunches at the front of your pic) was my cousin, I grew up with him,his sister and brothers like my siblings. Thank you for sharing this picture, I've never seen it before. His loss has left a permanent scar in my family. We never forget. To the world he was a soldier, to us he was the world!