420mph Winds

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Count.Dracule, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Same site had 300mph+ winds last week as well. Funny did not hear of anyone being blown away (by wind (cue jokes!)).

  2. Its OK! It calms down on Christmas Day; well at least it does at Shriv! :lol:

    Metcheck SN6

  3. Father Christmas arriving early?

    Those reindeer create one hell of a slipstream!

  4. It's all down to the sprouts.

    OK I'll get my own coat.
  5. aye Christmas day where i live is -22 and 420MPH Nice
  6. 8) -27 and 353mph :eek: hope me heating's OK :roll:
  7. After the 420 mph winds, it will be.
  8. Ha! Someone needs to de-ice their instruments.
  9. :D :D I like that Onetap.
  10. It's academic anyway, there's so many Mexicans here that you might as well call it 'North Sydney' Fucking Mexicans!