42 thousand US Troops for Iraq & Afghanistan

Defense Department announces future deployment of 42,000 US Army troops to Iraq, Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: The Defense Department on Monday announced upcoming deployments of more than 42,000 troops, including 25,000 active duty U.S. Army soldiers who would be sent to Iraq beginning in the fall to replace troops scheduled to come home by year's end.

The deployments would maintain a level of 15 brigades in Iraq, or roughly 140,000 troops — the number military leaders expect will remain on the warfront at the end of July, once the currently planned withdrawals are finished.

Under the new Pentagon policy effective in August, those active duty Army units will serve for 12 months, rather than the 15-month tours that units in Iraq now are serving. The bulk of the soldiers deploying later this year returned from Iraq late last year, and will have gotten about a year at home to rest and retrain.

As part of the announcement, The Pentagon alerted four National Guard Army brigades, or about 14,000 troops, to begin preparing for deployments to Iraq beginning early in 2009, and one National Guard Army brigade, with about 3,100 soldiers, to prepare to deploy to Afghanistan in the spring of 2010.
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Thats bad, So in a 4 year contract your looking at spending 2-3 years in a combat zone. Gotta commend the septics for that.

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