42-day concession to be offered

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Galileo82, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. What is going on here? £3000 pounds a day if a suspect is held for more than 28 days and released without charge!

    I can just see all the "Shannon Matthews" out there setting themselves up so they can be held for more han 28 days to make a bit of cash!


  2. Shows how desperate Brown is to 'win' this.

    It is all a game to him.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    There will be back door concessions to a lot of people. I'm interested to hear what the DUP will sell out for.

    This is no longer an issue about the 42 days; it is a face saving exercise for Brown to be able to say that on difficult issues he still has a mandate to lead.

    It is a shame to see the political system manipulated like this
  4. :? 3000 a day????????? 20 days = £60,000
    hmmmmmmm.......ive got some leave ........................................................
    im off to get new balaclava and chest rig and plasticine oh and a burka thingy!

    20 days in solitary 60 grand

    6 months IRAQ = 2500 ish

    **** going on tour im going to go to scotland yard once a year with some information about my soon to be new friends down the mosque!!!!!!!!!!

    2 weeks to earn twice the money im on now


  5. Easier than that, just send a lot of Text messages and e-mails with the words, bomb, infidel, jihad and a few other fashionable words of the moment in them.

    Is that a knock at the door......?
  6. Listening to BBC Radio 4 early this morning - apparently “Broon” is now ringing his MPs to talk-them-round into supporting today‘s vote on the Bill (in addition to phoning and “listening” to the startled electorate !!).

    It was reported that one surprised MP hadn’t heard directly from, or spoken to, “Broon” for (I think) TWELVE years.

    Another, an ex-miners official, was offered thousands of pounds for his ex-miners welfare funds!!
  7. I don't know if anyone from the Security Services is listening but I recently converted to radical Islam, have Airbus on my MS Flight Simulator and am in constant contact with my Pakistani cousins in our family's ancestral home in the tribal lands of the NW Frontier. Durka-durka.

    Yes I do have an overdraft, why do you ask?
  8. Bomb, jihad, anthrax, infidel, vengeance.

    I'm Osama bin Laden and I claim my £60k.
  9. Actually I do not think the compensation offered is in anyway wrong. If you lock someone up without charge, and in doing you inevitably defame him an destroy his reputation and life, then 60k is peanuts.

    The problem is Brown thinks the long-standing right to liberty of the person is worth only 60k. And that only after having been banged up for 28 days.

    This man is clutching at straws and is now resorting to bribes. His lack of principles and decency is only now becoming clear to me. I thought perhaps he might use his remaining 2 years in office to be radical, to completely ignore party politics, step on people's toes and do some good. I was a fool to to even think there was such a possibility. I shall now administer to myself harsh words and copious spanking of the bum.
  10. Just watched the news and saw a Labour back bencher waffling on. He was asked if he agreed with the 42 day policy was right. He said 'no he didnt agree with it but the financial (3k a day) package helped him to change his mind'. Nowt like selling out your moral stance eh?

    Its rotten to the core and utter desperation from Brown. What he fails to realise/accept/care about is that all the consessions he makes with this bill purely to keep his 'popularity' will harm the country long after he is gone. Hes not thinking of the country; just his place. No different from the cnut he replaced.

    Youre right scabster. He's just bribing people to vote for what he wants. Very demoratic.

    I know this sites policy isn't to overthrow the government but I really, really want to empty a magazine into every one of the fcukers.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Selling liberty.

    How very Socialist...
  12. Instead of £3000 (where did that figure come from anyway?) for each day after 28 days, how about for every day of imprisonment you get your daily wage, which is paid as a lump sum at the end of your imprisonment if not charged.

    Seems fair to me!

  13. Market forces, innit? You can't buy what isn't for sale.
  14. So all you need to do, is get caught looking shifty hereabouts, then if you're a bit special as it were , employ advanced RTI techniques, while remaining focused on paying off the mortgage, having a serious session or buying that set of wheels you've always hankered after?

    Job's a good un, whang it on Part 1's under courses in lieu of annual camp, it won't even have to come off unit budgets or MTD's, and frees up course space at the secret home counties base. Who do I see for my GEMS?

    FFS. :evil: ....

    ...but seriously
    It's a disgrace, selling England and it's values we cherish, by the pound.

    How about just keep it where it bloody is, and make sure you're lifting proper bad boys?
  15. £3000 a day!!!! 8O

    OK, someone dob me in and I'll spilt some of the proceeds with you.