42 Bty 32 Regt RA

32 is a good regiment, very busy although with the formation of a 5th Bty and 12 and 47 Regts taking on Desert Hawk, life has slowed down a little. A couple of years ago there was a danger of 6 months in theatre (Telic or Herrick), 6 months off and back we go!

It is the UAV regiment equipped with H-450 and next year will be converting to Watchkeeper. Sorry I am a little out of touch with the day to day routine at the moment.

Have a look online and search on H-450, Warchkeeper, ISTAR, Imagery Analysis, FMV and UAVs in general, but don't try and be a smart arrse and try to impress everyone because you have done some backlground reading and know the dimensions of H-450 etc!

Enjoy it, interesting work, lots of new stuff happening and life will get busy!

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