42,000 Russians a year die from poisoned or fake alcohol

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plant-Pilot, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Absolutely incredible. There is so much fake alcohol containing poisons sold in russia that over 100 people a day die because of it. They take the risk because 1 in 3 men and 1 in 7 women in the country are apparently alcoholic. Amazing figures and something that needs to be sorted out if the country is ever going to get on to it's feet.

    BBC News Report
  2. Where I live it's one in three women and one in seven men. The Russian government doesn't give a stuff; they're too busy doing deals with oligarchs such as Ambramovitch.
  3. Isn't there a trick,w here you light the stuff. Yellow flame don't drink, blue it is ok?
  4. why do they not just distill their own ?

    i would if i couldnt trust what was sold around me.
  5. Cos it is a pain in the arrse?

    ANd the local mafia doesn't like competition in the same sort of way they like having the ability to walk around!!!!
  6. It is a good article on BBC. Absolutely correct. It is an old Russian problem that existed 100, 200, 300... years ago.

    The legend says that St.Vladimir that baptized Russia more than 1000 years ago thought about alternatives. He rejected Judaism and Budhism. Islam? But it forbids drinking. So Christin religion was chosen.

    Frankly speaking I don't know am I alcoholic or not. Recently I drunk about 600ml. of vodka with friends one evening. But didn't drink (even wine) a month before it.

    By the way my wife (former officer of KGB) didn't drink at all. Never in her life she drunk even wine or beer (she hates its taste).
  7. How the hell do you baptise a country?

    That must be one bloody large font St Vladimir has.
  8. KGB mate, I can recall reading "The Russia House" by John le Carre years ago. Mention was made of "Paper Vodka". Does this stuff exist or am a numbnut?
  9. Yeah, it exists.

    vodka flavoured with paper. You can't really taste it though, as it takes all your taste buds off your tongue.
  10. http://www.kiev.info/culture/vladimir_cathedral.htm

    I myself live in Moscow near a Cathedral errected in honour of 1000th anniversary of Russian baptizing.

    As for the procedure then it was quite sipmle. st.Vladimir was in fact Russian king and ordered that this religion is a state one. There were dissidents that preffered old Gods. But step by step Christianity Russian religion.
  11. I saw a news report the other day which said that the average age of a Russian was down to 54 and the population has dropped horrendously due to infertility. I almost choked on my gin!!!
  12. Doesn't Moscow have a rampant drugs and HIV/AIDS problem too? (maybe even the rest of the country)
  13. I was in Russia a couple of years ago and am not surprised by that reporting judging on what I seen then. Mind you, St Petersburg is a beautiful city for culture and I'd love to go back there again.

    I never seen so many members of the ships company so drunk at the same time. Their vodka is fantastic (still got a bottle of the stuff that I'm afraid to open!) and what was more surprising was the fact that the Russian beer actually tastes good!!

    And the women, oh the women!!
  14. I lived in St Pete's for a few months, the woman are fantastic and if you're a Brit or American male it's in the bag. You can't swing a dead cat in that city without hittin' an available beauty upside the head. Great beer as well although one of the breweries was engaged in a 'civil war' with the two sides dividing the complex, building barriers and an occassional firefight.

    Never buy vodka in Russia from a kiosk or a stand, if possible buy it from a reputable store or the distillers outlet and check the stamp.
  15. Dont forget we have a similar issue with fake ciggies made up of god knows what and 10/100 times more toxic than a normal one