419 Scams

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rocketeer, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. a link was made to a site that tries to screw over those Nigerian begger-millionaires and it got me to wondering.. Is there anyone out in the tinterland that hasn't heard of this scam? Do they only work in bad English or do they try the same stunt in crappy German, French and Italian?..

    I got one the other day- a nice variation on the theme.. Seems a down and out former Saddam baathist managed to secret some cash in a bank in Hong Kong and needed my help to get it out safely..sadly. I wasn't in a position to assist him with a suitable offshore account to transfer said funds..

    anyway.. enough rambling.. I was thinking.. surely the great ARRSEworld can come up with a better scam ? I mean, instead of the site having to hope for donations from the good and kind hearts of the Arrse unwashed to keep this webspot ticking, couldn't we come up with a self-generating flow of megabucks through a nice ' call for assistance' ?.. There must be hundreds of people in the US Bible Belt alone just crying out to help the downtrodden here in ARRSEland recover from years of impoverishment and famine...

    So, how do we start ? Someone stumbled across a secret horde of gold left behind by Argentinian agents when they were forced to leave the Falklands hurridly and only a select few Brit commandos, heretofore sworn to secrecy, know the location and, now that the ' statute of limitations ' has expired have to get this great cache of gold bars turned into usable dollars/pounds/euros.. but we need seed money to help transfer this trove to a suitable and discreet smelter...etc.etc...

    Need someone to draft the first letter.. someone with poor grammar and spelling, preferably...
  2. Surely, that's anyone in the infantry then??? :lol: :lol:
  3. Scam baiting is good fun - read this and be sure to read all the docs - espcially the "pre emptive strike agreement"

    the great 419 penis caper