412 Tp RE Hameln

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me anything about joining this unit. The only place I could find anything about it was on ARRSEPedia, and there wasn't too much info.

Do you only recruit from the Hameln area? Are the age limits and so on the same as a UK based unit? (I'm 36)
Hope someone can help me.
412 Tp recruit across BFG. PM Megadeth, i think he could put you on the right tracks. I do know there is no shortage of ex squaddies in BFG waiting for a vacancy! however i left 28 2 years ago!! So my info might be slightly dated!
Yep you're right about all the ex-squaddies waiting for a vacancy, I've just phoned (got the number from Plant-Pilot) and was told that they've got 16 on their waiting list at the minute.
Does anyone know if they are currently recruiting?

If so, is there a selection weekend thingy soon?

Does anyone have an e-mail address I can contact them through?


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