411 or 367 "Whats Wrong in the Corp ?"

Discussion in 'REME' started by Dark_Side_2, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. Well i reckon our 411 Battalions are manned to about 367, and our Armd LAD's that should be 97 + 1 are at about 67 + 1. We now have a new guy heading the Corp (Well relatively new) and we are struggling along with these changes as is he, so were they for the best? Are they working? Whats going wrong??
  2. Dark Side as The Future head of The Corp i am going to change things back to 367 Battalions and you guys at 1st line your getting ya manpower back!!!!!!!
  3. Blame it on Mr Potato Head who had some sparkling ideas that were a good distance away from reality or usefulness and have left REME heading in a direction from where it will struggle to ever recover again. But he's not bothered because he's left the Corps.
  4. I was rebalanced to a REME Bn from a busy LAD and in my personal experience, I feel completely unused as a mechanic where as at the LAD I felt I was quite productive and banged out a lot of work.
  5. The main thing wrong with the Corps is that too many people think it is a Corp. The singular of Corps is Corps :)

    The corps is undermanned, so we've tried rebalance manpower to 2nd line to make best use of the limited manpower.

    Unfortunately, this has not happened, the rebalanced posts have been filled by Cfn Gap, LCpl Gap and Cpl Gap.

    To make matters worse, the Officers at Bns now think they have more manpower, so the tradesmen are getting stung with more Guards, exercises, ISTs and deployments than before, and LADs can't get any more work done than before.

    Add to this the fact that it is more difficult to get an IST from a REME Bn (In 7 Bde anyway) than it is to win the lottery.

    But apart from that, all is well in the Corps of REME :)
  6. What's wrong with the Corps is that too many senior officers are trying to turn it into REME PLC to assist them in their resettlement plans !!! I joined this glorious Corps IN 1977 while it was still a going concern , unfortunately it has been used as a stepping stone to civvy careers by successive senior Officers , in the course of which we have had Total Quality Bollox, Options for change (actually can't pin that one on them !) 411 ....Lean Engineering , all of which were what the good tradesmen were doing all along !!!

    Gentlemen, the End is in sight for our beloved Corps ....parachutes & life rafts will be taken by the upper echelons ....so save yourselves while you can because they sure as shit won't be hanging round to help you !!
  7. No REME, keep it up. That way, in a few short years when none of your Corps are at first line, some bright spark in the DLO will remember where you came from and ask 'Why is REME seperate to the RLC? All they do is work in big sheds and mend broken stuff then get the RLC to send the stuff back to units - same as tents, jerrycans and ammo really.'

    I do not subscribe to this view, but you have to admit, it has a certain warped logic.
  8. The day of reckoning might be a fair old way off yet, but it's coming, and the day after it we'll all be wearing loggy cap-badges and wondering what the feck happened!
  9. I reckon (tinfoil hats on chaps) that the Army Board is waiting for Charles - sorry, King George VII to succeed the throne, at which point they'll reinstate the RASC (subsuming REME, RLC and bits of the Engrs and Scalies), coz there's bound to be loads of old capbadges with the King's crown on sitting in Donni.
  10. Prolly in a large molten blob under the tw@t hats that melted in the mid 80's?..........
  11. I must admit I think your bang on there. I've heard talk of recy mechs being Loggyfied. Probably bollox.
  12. LOL! And I reckoned I was the most cynical contributor around! How thick does the tinfoil have to be?