.410 how usefull

Just been offered a norica .410 with a moderator, the intention is a bit of vermin control , looked on pigeon watch and read a couple of bits but no real indication of what effective range with a mod.Dont know loads about .410's other than that they are usefull in the right circumstances, like every other firearm in the world. Ta SS
10 meters max, good for ratting in farm buildings, and for lamping for sitting pheasants in hedges, but I never said that.
I had a .410 mod pump not to long ago...They still make a noise,just not as loud.Think of an air rifle crack without a mod....I got a few rabits with mine, got rid after a while as I found it not up to my requirements.Handy if you shoot rats inbetween farm buildings etc..But not to good on open land. BUT IT CAN STILL KILL!!
Ok thanks gents, would it make any real difference being the 3 inch magnum cartridge?
The 3" cart holds slightly less than 3/4 oz of shot, but the problem is the long thin chamber means you cannot pack in that much if the shot size is much over No 8. The pattern is therefore very thin, and although the shot has enough energy, there are lots of holes...

These guns are really for specialist use, either for the young beginner who cannot take the recoil, and who only wants to shoot his sister's budgie, or the skilled sniper who is taking shots in cramped or restricted areas..

The ammunition is very expensive for what it is. You are much better off with a 12 or a 20 if you want a light gun...

(Having said this I use a 16, which is a bit girly, but if you can place your shot it is as good as a 12 and a lot lighter to carry..!)
There's a few Annie Oakley types out there who actually do clay shooting with a .410...I suppose it's a challenge when you get too good with a 12 or 20!

As others have said though, it's more of a garden gun than a serious sporting gun.

If its vermin you're after, you might consider a Rossi .22/20 gauge single-shot matched pair...gives you a good range of options in the fur/feather variety!
Thanks HE thats explained it nicely, i'm getting it because i will be moving out to the country in a while and will find it usefull for rats etc round the extra bit of ground i 'll have.
get a good air weapon,that will do more good,, a 4 :10 is a bit costly to be banging around a farm,,
Got an air arms s410, just thought a 410 might have a bit more put down power than a12ft lb air rifle, and shot placement not so crucial as with air rifle.
get a good air weapon,that will do more good,, a 4 :10 is a bit costly to be banging around a farm,,
Can't agree that an air rifle "will do more good". I use a .410 much more effectively than an air rifle in my garden. Its a good garden gun for rats and pigeons. Outside of the garden, its a 12 bore or .22 RF.
I use a .410 for stalking bunnies...can't use it in the garden because of the road running down a flank. It does a job. Doesn't make a mess of the meat like a 12g.
I'd recommend a .410, not sure about the suppressor, they aren't that noisy anyway and the attraction is often the weight and that they are often folders. Article.

I had a very nice light, tightly choked .410 when I was a nipper. Shot some squirrels, but mainly bouncy rabbits and the odd confused pigeon, walked up in brush under 25m. Standard 2.5" shells, #8 I recall worked far better than #6, perfectly adequate. I graduated to a 12 gauge about the time my balls dropped. The bunny dinner just got more lead in it. Caused me to go all XXV, light loads, open chokes. Much more versatile, actually less rewarding in some settings, I wish I kept the old .410.

Little article here as well.

Some Septics I know favor a 28 gauge, very elegant.


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I seem to be selling a lot of .410s and 28s at the moment, especially over and unders. I like them a lot, given the choice I'd get a 28 over a .410 though.

Unfinished 28 side by side

.410 over and under

The chap who actioned both of these sadly crossed the bar before Christmas, he was one of the best actioners for smaller guns in the World, Purdey trained, but he did jobs for everyone. He was only 30 but was at the very top of his game.
Thanks alib, interesting articles as i said i didn't know much about 410's but they appear quite a usefull little tool.
Inspired by this thread, I am taking my Webley and LED torch out tonight with a view to topping one or possibly two of the melanistic bunny colony from behind the airfield.

edited to add: Not because they are black per se! Because they make interesting hatbands.


I am selling a lovely Beretta 686 in 28 bore at the moment, it fills the niche between .410 and 20 bore nicely and has dropped pheasant cleanly as well as dusting many clays. Shot stringing can be a problem with the small bores but you just have to shoot better.
I know a chap who shoots skeet with a .410 and gets a clean round every 2nd or 3rd go!

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