41 today and havent had any since 1989...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by puzzledgrunt, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. Better off dead? :D

    Helmet on, take cover...Incoming!

    Shelrep to follow, wait out...
  2. I used to be in 41 .

    P.S. Happy Birthday :)
  3. Thanks mate-15 minutes til opening time :twisted:
  4. I'm 41 next, happy birthday.
  5. happy birthday hope you get lucky. 8O
  6. I'm 41, have you tried rape? I swear by it.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    WTF!?!? ARRSE has got its very own SAGA thread so it has.

    You'll all be bleating on about the pros and cons of the Algarve, cruises and line dancing next.

    Get a fcuking grip will you!

    Happy Birthday grunt.

    36 and I haven't had any since 2007
  8. It's not the quantity of sex in your life but the quality. If however you havent had any in the last six months , start to worry about the quantity.
  9. unless some one has cut your hands off the quantity is up to you, a shag's ok but you cant beet a five finger knuckle shuffle.
    Happy birthday anyway from a 40 year old with forearms like a teenager
  10. 1989 god are you "happily married" then?

    would you like me to start a whipround for a new pair of marigolds for your birthday? :wink:

    have a good birthday anyway
  11. I havent had it since 2002.

    Mind you its only 2030 now, so that aint bad
  12. Happy birthday, since 89 you must be a bird, I'm fat & ugly but even I can get it more often than that and yes i'm also sadley married
  13. Firstly, happy birthday, secondly I didn't have any since 98 then got a girlfriend last year and was having lots. Soon got over the hugging, senseless chatting and the worst question every sheila wants to ask,"what are you thinking about..." and stuff. Single again now and once again happy. They're only posh wanks anyway mate. :D
  14. I was Forty one last Thurs.
  15. 40 last October, her indoors thought I was going to calm down, wrong thought, met in the FI by the way, 19 years without an upland goose, fcuk that right off mate