41 Sig Sqn 31 Sig Regt, Coulsdon

If all goes to plan I’ll be requesting a transfer to this unit in mid November (delay due to personal circumstances).
I tipped up on a drill night a couple of months ago and spoke to the NCO who heads up the trade I want to take on but I didn’t really get a chance to meet many of the other personalities within the unit.

Can anyone in ARRSE land tell me anything about them, just out of interest really as I’ve already made my decision.
I think you'll find that this Sqn is one with an illustrious history (Princess involved somewhere I believe - PLK?) and has much to recommend it
Ah, the Kensingtons...

As the poster above has mentioned there is much to recommend these guys.

Firstly, a rich history dating back to 1790something, lots of battle honours (including both first and second world wars), their own colours, a museum, a former role as the Army's 'Phantom Signal Squadron' and now a role so secret and specialised if I told you what it was i'd have MI6 kicking in the pantry door (oooer missus) within minutes.

Leaving aside the history and all that, the SQN has a good location for a TA centre (nice and quiet), good facilities and a fine bar that's usually open until the sun pops up on Weds morning (but don't tell the OC!).

I understand from friends attached that the Sqn has grown dramatically over the last year and with it's new role has plenty of opportunities for 'keen' types.

You'll be especially welcome if you can/want to learn to drive HGV as well.

Incidentally what trade are you interested in?
I hope to join as a radio technician.

Someone on ARRSE PMd me sometime ago about their not so secret role but neglected to tell me it was on the hush hush side, I inquired about it when I went down for a chat and was met with an “I cant deny or confirm that” type reply :D
Oops :lol:
A tech eh... fair do's... They've some very techy techs there so plenty to learn, and it's alot more interesting than recalibrating Clansman... Don't discount the ICS Ops role either, as the Rad Ops need a good technical understanding also.

Good luck mate, it's a Sqn with a great history and a future (which is more than most can be sure of these days!).

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