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41 RM Commando in Korea

I read that 41 Commando were equiped by the US 1st Marine Division in Korea, including weapons.
Did they also use American M1 helmets or did they use British one's ?
Photos of 41 Cdo around the time of the Chosin Reservoir battles show them fully equipped as per the USMC, ie with US helmet as well. Since this was mid-winter, they are rarely pictured with steel helmets, rather they are swathed in whatever protective clothing they could scrounge. Many photos purporting to be 41 Cdo show them with a mix of UK & US kit and weaponry - e.g. Garands and Lee Enfield No4s in the same picture. It is likely that they were re-equipped after Chosin with standard UK stuff, but that they continued to retain the favoured bits of US equipment.
bugger i had an article on this not so long back from mil history magazine and i binned it

From what it remember they were actually taken on strength by the americans to cover a combined ops operation so all of their equipment was US general issue equipment

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