40th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan

6 RAR Queenslands finest,
amazing story of sheer galantry.
Met a bloke who was at Long Tan when I was in Belize years ago - knew he'd been ex Aussie Army 'cos he had a 6 RAR tat - smashing bloke - didn't talk about Long Tan at all (he was an LE Capt - I was a Lance Jack at the time). but didn't know to ask. Only knew later (about 12 years) on that he was at Long Tan through a book I read - and he is mentioned in the book and I thought 'bugger if only I'd known - wish I could've asked him stuff'. However - knowing him (and I didn't know him apart from that day) he'd probably be like most vets and say - just did my job. From what I gather from the book it was a pretty tough slog.
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