4000 odd Speeding convictions null and void

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/7797948.stm

    Apparently somebody negelected to renew the paperwork for the temporary speed limit and over 4000 speeders have their convictions quashed.
    Between April and December this year.
    Too late for me, I got caught by that camera 6 months before.
  2. Oh! Dear! Never mind.

    Does this mean that our 'Police Farces' will miss their 'targets'? Miss 'Spliff' will be cross!

    Yours truly,

    Formerly, a whole-hearted supported of the police, but now.................

    PS: Miss 'Spliff' will only be cross if the 'Stalinesque' Statistics people tell her the truth!! (We do not do Truth).

    These poor people are probably so frightened about their jobs, that they would never dare tell her that:

  3. Fine, good for the motorists i suppose - However, if you don't wanna get caught, don't speed. I do agree with one thing though - the police are in a shocking state.
  4. 4128 fines? Is that just one camera? At an assumption of 60 quid a ticket thats almost 250 grand it was earning between April and December. Nice little earner eh, bet the local camera alliance are gutted!
  5. Yup and its been there about 18months, still is despite there being no reason for it at all where it is siuated.
    Doesn't help me nay, it got me bang to rights 6 months before the clerical error was a factor.
    6 points and a couple of hundred for me, one clerical error later and 4000plus get off with it :D
    Jelous? Damned right I am!
  6. Agree with speed cameras whole heartedly when they are put where they are supposed to be put, i.e. in accident blackspots where speed has been the proven factor in accidents, deaths and injuries.

    In places where they are put just to generate revenue, they should be given the tried and tested Soweto Necklace.
  7. There's a mobile one that sits just round the bend from a steep flyover in Hull, the limit is 40 but the steep downslope tends to make the traffic faster, 300 yards or so round the bend and it is 70.
  8. Time to deploy messrs Franci and Spaz.
  9. I've just had a thought. Road safety experts say that roadside shrines at the places where people are killed should be removed as they are likely to cause accidents. So they put a fcuk off great flashy thing on the site instead which makes people drive erratically as they suddenly see it and hit the brakes. Nice one guys.
  10. I remember driving past one, cant remember the road but it was out towards Ash from Aldershot. Someone had given it the Soweto necklass and the thing had almost melted and bent into a horse shoe. About 5 cars had stopped and people were taking photo's. Bloody good for morale, just what people need during a recession i think.
  11. they gonna get fines and points back but how much hassle to get a insurance refund for the increased premium.
  12. As much as I hate the fact that some are badly placed, it's not the cameras fault that people get caught speeding...it's the fault of the person with their foot on the accelerator.

    In Germany, they still hide speed traps in wheelie bins and in the back of estate cars...no signs or hi vis warnings. If you’re speeding, then possibly expect a fine...simple as.

    The sneakiest trap I saw recently (in Germany) was when the police were well outside the limited area, with a laser gun pointing into the limited area...you could not see them until they pulled you in hundreds of meters ahead....again, no hi-vis-vests etc.
  13. I'd prefer a mixture of driver education and a few more black rats pulling over people after observing and judging that their driving is inappropriate or reckless, and issuing at least a bollocking and maybe a ticket.

    Some people simply don't care if a speed camera flashes them, because the car isnt registered in their name, and probably uninsured/untaxed and unroadworthy or even stolen.

    A real human copper can deal with this. A camera can't. All it does collect shit loads of revenue.

    EDIT: Silly me, of course its not about revenue. It's about preventing accidents*

    *Yeah, right. Pull the other fcuking one!
  14. A few years ago, in Aberdeen, local plod were out at about 0800hours with the speed gun, checking passing drivers in Springfield Road, only problem was we were in a tailback moving at about 5mph. Dont know if they wanted to catch a snail going faster.
  15. This one would have been on track to make half a million quid in a year.
    It has a twin sister half a mile away on the opposite carriageway.