4000 Engineers, 1 tent, 1 match...

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, May 5, 2007.

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  1. My story -

    So, I couldn't get a ticket, until someone had a spair and offered me it last night. Left at 9 in the morning on the train, with a mix of 2 sqns taking up a whole coach and we were all singing "we are, we are, we are.."

    Then we arrive at London Victoria and invade the weather spoons where members of 43 were there as well. We get a train to twickenham, and head for the cabbage path. I've never seen a busier pub in my life.

    So, then we head for the corp tent. Recognised a few training NCO's I kept away from them though haha.

    The match - I was in block 135. And all of my unit were taunting the old navy bloke 10 rows down who kept giving us the V's. We owned him with many many chants.

    The game was very close, we're winning, they're winning, we bring it back. Quite a good game to watch to be honest.

    Back to more Corp tent fun.

    Train back. :D
  2. *checks watch*

    Youre back?

    8O 8O

    Best you go again next year and..

    a. Spend more time in the Tent (stock up for when the Bar shuts for the match... We dont go there for the Match)
    b. Save up so you can really see what the Army v Navy is all about!
    c. Speak to your Trg NCOs next time! The Corps tent is all about getting in there and mingling.

    :D Glad you enjoyed it. Peed off I couldnt go, but had other things to do today :x
  3. I was there with my son, a bootneck. In 112 with a good mixture of Army and Navy. Not able to make it into the Corp tent. A good game that the Army could've won by a lot more if their back line had a bit more go forward.

    NT glad to see you had a good time. Did you have enough to drink?
  4. Well to be honest, I went out last night and had about 4 hours sleep and just come off a week off exercise with broken sleep. So, After all of yesterdays drinking, and todays, I couldn't carry on. Perhaps some remedial drinking should ensue...
  5. NT, no you just need some more beer :D
  6. In fact, if anyone remembers someone wearing a Scotland flag on their back, that was me.

    The only thing that was disappointing with the corp tent was waiting to get beer. I waited 30 minutes at one point to get a few pints. The had plenty staff, but just to many of us queuing up.

    As someone said, Army navy is just a reunion piss up. Although, do you any of the Germany lot travel over??
  7. feckin right you need it.......................
  8. Now after having a heavy week on the beer had to ease myself in slowly in the cab pat. moved upto tent and even after 8 years it was still great to see those old and bold and young members of the corps having a good one. Sad bars shut during game but managed to be in a pub and watch game on Sky sports, best of both worlds. Then the long return to home and the locals in my area. All in all another great day, but a bl**dy thick head today.
  9. Good match - Navy gave us a game, great beer-tent, loads of oppo's met from the past. Exellent time....cant wait till next year.....sore head now though.
  10. Had a cracking time, started at the cabbage patch...cracked off a couple of stink bombs in there...of to the corps tent, didnt watch the game...we just took the piss out of scooby doo whilst he got nicked...see you all again next year...be lucky to those who made it memorable day...you know who you are.
  11. Yet again a fantastic weekend, started at 0730, moved to Waterloo stn for more ale, a few cans on the train, straight to the Corps tent, watched the game, back into the tent, when that closed into Covent Garden to the walkabout bar, when that closed, of to a club i did go, finally got in ar 0400, one hell of a long day.

    Managed to bump into loads of blokes i haven't seen in years, as well as an old troopy and OC (if you are reading this Sir, sign up and post, you know who you are.)

    Already getting things in place for next years game.

  12. Sparky, kept an eye out for an ARRSE T-shirt wearing bloke in the RE tent... no joy, but that said it was feckin dusty in there!!

    Started at 8am.... ended when the tent closed... bit of wrestling, fell over, banged head. Then got on the train back and amused/abused everyone within 10m with my drunken antics.... they were less impressed by my bad guts and the fact that I enjoyed my own smell!

    Bloody good day though, bumped into so many people that I hadn't thought of in years or had always wondered what they were up to (even my Ssgt from Gib 12 years on!).

    Will definately be going next year!
  13. sorry mate, let you down, i decided at last minute to wear a shirt as the plan was to go into London afterwards for a few scoops and wasn't sure if the club we were going to would allow me in with ARRSE across my chest, still it was good day, even though it was dusty as hell, at least last year the tent was on some stone and not heavily saned grass.

  14. Does anyone the Modern Day Heros address in civvy street!!
  15. I'm sure I smelled one of those stink bombs in the Cabbage patch. :(

    Yeah, dusty as hell, you could even see it settling into the froth of your beer. Yuck.