4000 British troops wounded - no visit from Bliar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. This is probably not a bad thing from the point of view of the recuperating squaddie, but it is a disgraceful dereliction of duty on the part of the disgusting individual who is happy to round up the troops for a photocall whenever it suits him and spout on about the "blood price" but who is not enough of a man to witness the results of his actions.

    Downing Street have been trying to wriggle out of releasing details of his visits for some 8 months or so now...perhaps enlightenment will follow soon!


  2. He doesn’t go as its not good PR & his cronies can’t spin their way out of it, the tosser.
  3. Probably worried about the chances of getting MRSA 8O
  4. I'm sure his missus would turn up at a few bedsides for charity-skimming or ambulance-chasing purposes!
  5. To be fair though. Speaking on behalf of a few of my mates. They wouldn't want him to. They wouldn't want any of the MP's or HRH crew to show up. What did go down well was Lads from the Legion visiting. Veterans from WW2 - Gulf 1 Etc. These are the type of visits that should be increased. Or even better why not employ ex serviceman who know the script to do these rounds!
  6. I dare say that more soldiers would be interested in these visits if they could ctually speak frankly to the visitor, but the usual form is that they are surrounded by the hospital heirarchy and the MOD minders, so it's all very superficial. Far better if visits were carried out privately, with no PR for the NHS or MOD. I understand Prince Charles does this quite often.

    Perhaps what is more important is the lack of follow-up for some wounded after they have left hospital - the system is hopeless. In general, the attitude of units to supporting soldiers in hospital seems to have declined; I have recently had two cases of soldiers in hospital for over a week who were not visited at all by their units - one based 13 miles from the hospital, the other 4 miles.
  7. Imagine you've been hit by a bit of shrapnel. There you are, bandaged up in a military hospital.

    Now imagine the top ten people you want to visit. Your other half, kids, close family and best mates are all in there, closely followed by perhaps Jenna Jameson or Girls Aloud covered in baby oil. Where, in the name of god, does Tony Blair figure?

    I rest my case.

    Make like the SF involved in the "Black Hawk Down" op. in Somalia who refused to meet Clinton. Much better message than letting him visit and make sympathetic noises, unless you actually want to see him.

  8. They probably put it to a focus group, and found that the PM visiting recuperating Sqaddies didn't play well with social classes A-C, and with voters in key marginals.....
  9. 4000 is a lot of lads ..fooking awful
  10. Vegetius You speak words of wisdom. Maybe Seeing him Milling With Jackie Chan could be a good CSE show though!
  11. 4000 lads to visit. How much time? Seriously, how could any PM (forget it's Blair) do that? Come on, lets have a reality check here. Anyway, as the others have said, if it were you would you want such a visit? Much better to have Richarn n Judy, Ant n Dec, Shayne from X factor or Tara Para Wotsit surely? Nah thought not.
  12. The man is a coward, both morally and physically. A few years ago I'm sure this man would have been sent white feathers.

    If he were to visit me whilst I was in hospital I'm sure I'd give him my opinion, after all, what else could I possibly loose my job? That's a shame.
  13. Also how many Soldier's funerals has bliar attended or even met the coffins when flown home? he was quick enough to shove his nose up the bigley family's arse and go to ken's funeral,mass media coverage had sod all to do with it of course.The w*nker!!!!
  14. Blair visiting troops "to raise morale". What a treat for them! Their sandy sunburned little faces must have lit up with Christmas joy.

    Would your morale be raised by a visit from that slippery insidious lawyer?
    They were probably hoping for the Girls Aloud, or TV funnyman Eddie Izzard. He packs them off to some pitsville desert to get shot at, then expects them to be pleased to see him. The Prime Minister, I mean, not Eddie Izzard.

    It probably raised Blair's morale, at least. There are few things he enjoys more than screaming around in helicopters and making mad speeches to impress the tabloid press. cnut.
  15. I am not a Blair supporter, but just where would he find these men, scattered across so many NHS Hospitals. It is not as if they are in one place they are not, and 4,000 over what period of time?. Also these days they seem to send them back even for dental treatment as it it quicker and simpler, but they are still listed as sick returned home. What this does not say just how many of this 4,000 returned there after a short spell back home.