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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by down_under, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. ...ago today I was brought into this world. Ye feckin hoo. It's my birthday and for the first time I am having it at home. For the last 23 or so years I have either been out scrub or on Ops serving this Nation. Sad thing is I am by myself today cos the family is a few hundred Ks away and can't get here til next week end. Had more fun with my mates when this day fell on an exercise or an Op. How have other ARRSers spent their birthdays.

    Happy Birthday - moved. mk
  2. Have a good one, old git :D
  3. Thats a sh1tter!!!!

    Pmsl :D

    P.S. Happy Birthday!!
  4. Thanks mate. :D
  6. I can't remember any of them since I was 16. :D

    Put your feet up and make the most of it.

    (at 40, you don't have many of them left).
  7. Cheers mucker, I am counting them right now. :D Time for another lager...
  8. Stuck on patrol on the M6 :(
  9. I remember one great year in my life I got to spend a birthday in theatre and a change over of Millenium. Grandkids can't beat that I bet... :D 8)

    What a load of utter bo££locks!

    40 is when you realise that it's all downhill from now on, yet you're faced with an uphill struggle.

    (Switch from lager to whisky - it works faster) :)
  11. PMSL. LOL Righty dokey skip... :D :D :D