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40 years of Bell 412

Today is a major milestone for the Bell 412 as it celebrates 40 years of operations

FB Heliservices (now Cobham) supplied the 412 at for DHFS re SARTU at Valley till few years back until UKMFTS / Ascent came along ( my pic

from Waddo Airshow 2011)

And of 84 Sqn out in Akrotiri still use them under contract eith Cobham but think the contract is up for grabs again. Also from 2011 my photos of their mount at Helitech 2011 at Duxford.


Over the decades seen the RCAF CH-146 Griffin , first time at Farnborough 1996 and then couple of years ago with the specially painted bird at RIAT
As most peeps know the cough cough mid 90s decision to replace the RCAF Bell CH136 Kiowa, CH-135 Twin Huey, CH-118 Huey and the Chinook with the Griffin was frowned upon.



But as the new Japanese Ground Self Defense Force UH-X competition replacing their UH-1J Huey the winner is the 412EPX to be produced by Subaru. I know there’s a few been built and delivered. Around a year ago at Heli Expo 2020 in Anaheim I saw and sat in the Subaru produced 412EPX and the Japanese Met Police signed an order for them during a ceremony (free champers / wine couldn’t resist as handed out) by the a/c.



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