40% Tax on Army Pension



Received from HMRC:

"Dear Escotia,

Your tax code for the year 6 April 2010 to 5 April 2011 is D0

You need a tax code so MINISTRY OF DEFENCE ARMY PENSION can work out how much tax to take off the payments they make to you. Your main HM Revenue & Customs office has worked out your tax code for your other employment(s) or pension(s) but we need you to check that our information about you is correct. The wrong code could mean you pay too much tax, or too little, tax. Please keep your coding notices, you may need them if we send you a tax return.

We have asked MINISTRY OF DEFENCE ARMY PENSION to use code D0 for this year which means you will pay tax at 40% on your MINISTRY OF DEFENCE ARMY PENSION income."

I am aware other people have received this letter but apart from ringing the 0845 number and getting the standard "a computer error has sent these out to everyone but you don't need to worry" bollox, how does an individual challenge a directive to Army Pensions from HRMC with any chance of being listened to?


Sorry, did a search & missed it. Appreciate a Mod deleting this as I've reposted it in the forum already started.

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