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Discussion in 'RLC' started by hotel_60, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know if it's true that 40 Sqn is to be resurected as a Movement Control Squadron to be based in Gutersloh? When is it due to happen?

  2. Certainly is true. Its due to happen around August this year. Not sure where they are getting the Mov Cons from though, probably growing them in a dark room as we speak...
  3. I think I've got a photo somewhere of the last Army movements unit in Gutersloh. :)

    I wonder if they'll put them back in the old Air Terminal !!!
  4. This year the Sqn will resurected and they will be filling the posts throughout the year, but will not be properly formed with the blokes until Apr 07. They are going to based in Bielefeld along side 69 MC Sqn. hope this helps!
  7. Anybody know why Gutersloh ??? Are they contemplating re-opening the runway for more than what it currently does (AAC and Herr Bertelsmen) ???

    Oops - just re-read a further post - so they're not going to be in Gutersloh - shame eh.