40 robbers Vs 1 Gurkha - no contest!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mahogany_Bomber, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. been done already, about two days ago
  2. Lucky for the filth it was only three that were despatched. Perhaps this 'Johnny G' was in a peaceful frame of mind. Eight injured? No doubt 'Johnny G' was in a peaceful frame of mind, natra sorry, otherwise, the eight may have become eighteen plus.

    Many of Her Majesty's enemies, and the enemies of Her Majesty's predecessors, have found out the hard way, that buggering about with Gurkhas is not a good idea.
  3. what a nutter!
  4. Judging by his quotes, he quite enjoyed himself. Good luck to him.
  5. Well Done!!!


    Pleased to see that the Indian gov't didn't charge him for violating the human rights of the thieves.
  6. Note to self, use search function before starting thread. Sorry.
  7. Stupid bastards, those robbers - they were outnumbered 1 to 40!

    Good Drills is putting it mildly. And I'm also impressed by the Indian government's reaction; tea, medals and promotion!
  8. Feckin' hell... good job he hadn't slotted all 40 of 'em he'd have run out of space to hang the gongs.
  9. Nails. Made my day, that.
  10. A refreshing read. Well done that man.

    This may be a myth but i remember reading a book once where a Brigade of Gurkha's were going to do a para drop and were asked to jump from 600 feet. After some mumbling they decided they would jump from 300 feet, when told their parachute's wouldn't open in time one of them piped up.........ah no one mentioned parachute's.
  11. Can we clone him?
  12. Sounds like a myth, rather like the story the OP put up.
  13. So somewhere out there is 37 robbers including eight wounded on a debrief.

    "Well well well who was thinking he wanted a fcuking in the middle of a robbery ?"

    "Yes sorry boss but we got fcuked alright"
  14. Top stuff, good job he didnt do it in the UK though as he would definitely be charged with murder!