40 Regt recruiting areas?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ash_p, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I'm applying to join the RA as a Gunner but not quite sure about what regt. I'm thinking of trying for 29 Cdo, but also had 40 regt in mind. One thing I need clearing up, and this may sound strange, but is 40 regt full of Scots? I don't have a problem with Scots! Just curious, as it is the only regt I have managed to find, but have read numerous things about their 'strong Scottish roots', etc. and me being from South Africa, don't really have any ties with that part of the world :)

    Thanks for any info!

  2. The scots are great! its the BRITISH ARMY you mong...im guessing you have no ties to british people in general? get used to it. everyones mixed with everyone!
  3. 40 were the Lowland Gunners if memory serves and were in my opinion one of the best Gunner regiments around, so don't discard the idea of joining them if you get the chance. Also remember that which regiment you are posted to can depend on where you are living at the time, as most Arty regiments are affiliated to a region or City. You can volunteer to join 29 Regt, but will have to pass the AACC first. If you fail you will normally be allocated to the regiment you would have been posted to in the first place...Of course i am old and my dotage may have kicked in, but that's how i remember it working. Perhaps the ACIO could clarify the issue for you? Don't assume that all the soldiers at 40 or 19 Regts respectively will be oatmeal savages :lol: ...Incoming!!
  4. I wasn't asking as in 'If there are only Scots in 40 Regt then I won't join! :x ' or anything. I was just curious as I know inf regt's recruit from their regional areas, was just wondering if it was the same with 40 regt. That's all! Nothing against the 'oatmeal savages'!! ;) And technically I am half British, so I suppose I have at least some ties with parts of this little island! :D
  5. Cliched, but this was 40 Regt IIRC

    Finest Hour

    (dons Mk 6A, Osprey, awaits incoming...)
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I am co-located with 40 Regt who have just returned from HERRICK. There are plenty of Scots in the Regt but there are plenty of others as well including (former) colonials.
  7. Thanks for the info, sounds good.
  8. 40 is indeed the Lowland Gunners, but is starting to get a lot of (Northern Irish/Irish/British people who live in NI, my attempt at diplomacy there) Very welcome they are too.

    In my opinion the above will outnumber the Scots in about 5 year. That is based on current recruiting/transfer figures to the Regiment.

    There is also a good contingent of South Africans, and in my experience they are top blokes and soldiers.
  9. Thanks for the info :)
    So I need to choose between 4, 19, 26 or 40... or if I'm feeling a bit lazy maybe 29 Cdo or 7 Para ;)

    I suppose it's all about where you want to be based though. Any serving/ex-serving people here got any good or bad points to being based at the relevant locations? :)