40 regt RA

bruni_madhorse said:
fellas, can any one tell me it this unit has a reme LAD or WKSP

this is not a wah, cheers
They definitely have one or the other. Are you trying to find out specifically which? I think it would be a Wksp but not 100% on that one.

Edited to note my slow typing sausage fingers 8O
bruni could at least thank us for telling him the answer.....


It was previously a workshop when the Regt was armoured but under FRES with the conversion of the bde to light it is now an LAD.
LAD...i thank you!
I went to the Guardroom. Funnily enough it was a REME Cpl on Gd Commander (makes a change) and he said it was a LAD?
It is indeed. I was in there today and was infomed I would have to don the old helmet and ear defence. Imagine my surprise when I saw the odd crafty NOT wearing the said kit! Devilish, I was only joking ref my trip to the Gd Rm, however I might just pop in to the ASM's domain and ask. He should know?
After all the debate it is indeed a Workshop by virtue of having the RLC detachment attached, and the fact that some (not all) second line repair can be carried out there.
Words from the ASM's mouth.
Ive been gone 2 minutes and the mighty 40 get a mention on ARRSE. Must admit though there was a time when DEME(A) said all Arty were to be LADs and 40 got a T shirt made, not many of those around. But normality took over and the Wksp rose again thanks to the Stores Section and level 3 repair Armrs

Keep my seat warm Ill be back in sunny Topcliffe by the end of the year to enjoy the new heating, but this time with an LAD.

Ok Boo Boo.

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