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Discussion in 'REME' started by bruni_madhorse, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Bit of a bone question but can anyone tell me if the REME at 40 regt RA are an LAD or a WKSP?

    this is not a wah fellas, cheers
  2. didn't think there were workshops at arty units any more.
  3. 40 not on light gun now?In which case its deffo a LAD.Infact IIRC the above poster is correct and all PP repair is now done at 2nd line thus meaning all Arty must be LAD posts.
  4. Was at 40 Regt RA Wksp 90-94 was M109 which warranted workshops with pack changes and major parts maintenance i.e 155 mm gun barrels but the future rumoured AS90 which being a smaller package probably means it would be an LAD now if it exists at all, my trade was metalsmith and the workshops was one of the best places i worked in the army.
  5. How long did you serve for and what were your other postings. I was also at 40 "Failed" around that time and count it as my worst posting in a 22 year career.
    If it was your best and most enjoyable then you have my utmost sympathy.
    You didn´t require a calendar at 40 to know what day of the week it was. You just had to check out who was stagging on at the gate. If it was all attached personell then it was definitely a weekend.
    And only three of the Batteries were Gun Batteries with M109, the fourth was AD with Blowpipe or Javelin ? I was in a Fitter Section to a Gun Battery so cannot remember after all this time exactly which of the two the AD Battery were using.
  6. 10 Bty were using Javelin at the time, served my first 4 years at 40 then 18 months at colchester with 10 Regt RLC the Gurkha tanker squadron and 2 years QRIH in Catterick . I enjoyed the feeling of belonging to a team at the workshops i was involved with working with the whole of the workshop not just 1 fitter section i did jobs for everyone there. I do agree we got the weekend stags, God forbid they give us time off in the week due to being on duty all night.
  7. 40 Fd Regt RA, the Lowland Gunners, LAD REME 1976, Mansergh Bks Gutersloh. First posting out of brats school by way of SEME, 4 batts?(,38,49,129 and 137) of FV433 and C Bty 3 RHA attached with swingfire fv438??, An alchohol-soaked 2 years broken only by a trip to the Emerald Isle to sober up.
  8. I apologise. I have only now spotted you were a metalsmith and therefore stood no chance of being in a BFS. Your trade were too few and far between and an LAD/WKSP Asset.
    I can now understand why it was such a good posting for you. The WKSP social life was indeed fantastic but mainly down to it being US against THEM. BFS personell were only part of the Battery when it was beneficial to the Battery, otherwise they didn´t give a shit about us as we were hanger-ons.

    Fitter-section personell were not allowed to represent their Battery at sporting events. They were part of the WKSP.

    You were there at the time to remember the Muzzlebrake Trophy (year-long sports) which the WKSP won. The following year when we were odds-on favourites to retain it, the scoring system was changed dramatically just prior to the final athletics day to "ensure" the trophy wnt to a Bty. They failed miserably and the Trophy was in the WKSP Trophy cabinet for another year. IIRC it then didn´t take longer than 48 hours before it was decreed that in future BFS are part of the Battery and not part of the WKSP when it came to sporting events.

    Compared to other postings for me, it was a bad one but it did have its good times. You may remember some of these.

    1) Your boss at the time having a wrought-iron hanger at the upper rear-left of the wagon. On exercise as soon as cam-net was up, out came a potted-plant to be hung up on same hanger.

    2) Your boss with brass name-plaque on desk with name and the initials BSC. I was there in the office when CO with entourage visited
    CO - "Ah Staff. Bachelor of Science"
    SSgt -"No Sir, Bronze Swimming Certificate!"
    I will never forget the look on the faces of CO, Adjt, RSM et al when he came out with that. F**king priceless.

    3) Another priceless moment was having a "Detachments Front" on an exercise in a Laager area after a night move. We were parked up where we were instructed to be but just happened to be on the right of the line. For those who havent served with artillery, REME belong on the left.
    The BSM was absolutely livid and threatened the person who had positioned us there with all immanigable and unimmanigable punishments.
    When he demanded to know from us which "moron" was responsible for parking us up in that position, we did respectfully suggest that it would be better if we didn´t say and rather move over to the left and carry on as if nothing had happened. He wouldn´t have any of that and demanded that we immediately identify the "culprit" so that he could be suitably repremanded.
    Again we said we would rahter not say, again he ordered us so we complied and identified the individual. It was the BSM who had personally parked us up in that position.

    The memories from the time with that WKSP are good, The memories from that time with that Regt are either too funny to forget or too bad that I´d like to forget them.

  9. As a point of order gents, if my memory serves me right, it was only those Gunner regts that were using Septic bits of kit (M109 M110 etc) that had A Wksp. All the rest had LAD's. Can i also say that we at 46 Bty/2nd Fld RA had a great relationship with our BFS, but i can't of course speak for the Gun Bty's. Whenever we were on Ex, if we had a smoker, then our BFS was always invited as a matter of course. Re the sporting links...Our Wksps were like a Bty within the Regt, and represented themselves in all sporting events. Therefore, there would be no need for them to play for any of the Bty's as such, because they were decent in their own right and gave a good account of themselves. Good lads one and all in my experience, and always ready to prep my car for it's BFG test when asked....Two Herfy handbags was the going rate, Bargain!!!
  10. I sincerely apologise if it came across as if I think all RA Regts are shite. That is not the case. I thought 40 "Failed" were shite and Ithought QRIH were shite (although fantastic untill shafting upon move)
    My gripe with the artillery is purely directed at 40 "Failed",
    As 46/2 do you recall a very good friend that I have lost contact with. His nickname was "Tiny". I wont post his full name here, so please PM me here if you think you can help me get back in touch with him. His DOB April 66, and born in Cyprus.
  11. Hahaha, that old trick is STILL doing the rounds at least one Artillery Regiment.

    For anyone unsure, Workshops do still exist. 39 RA have a WKSP (around 110+ bods last time I was there) which was a fantastic environment to work in. The need for a WKSP may be due to the fact that the Battery's deploy en roulement and so each require a dedicated BFS.

    It was very, very busy, but the REME CoC and unit life was cracking. WKSP was recognised as it's own department and well respected, but come PDT time and any functions the relevant BFS was very much made to feel part of the Battery.
  12. Good to hear that it was maybe only 40 "Failed" who were shite and that there were some good RA units out there that appreciateded the REME.

    At 40 the BFS were deinitely not integrated. 137 Bty Return from Granby party. All artillery personell drafted in from other units to make up the numbers were invited. Accomodation was arranged for them. Evererything sorted.
    Did they let their BFS know? Did they hell?
    We only knew about the function due to an inadvertent comment about 4 hours before the event.
    To make it even worse we found out from a REME person attached to us for the tour that he had received an invite for the party that the BFS had absolutely no knowledge of up until about 4 hours before the event. Plenty of time time to sort out har-dressers, baby-sitters etc.

    Says it all really
  13. I do remember a bloke named Tiny in our fitter section, his beret was rather large, as was his ears, but can't verify if it is the same lad. It was a long time ago, and i'm in my dotage after all. Do you know if he went to the Gulf with our lot? If you go to our Bty site on facebook, i'm sure there is a photo of him there somewhere. Perhaps someone may still be in contact with him? I'll have a check and see if i can help??
  14. 32RA did as well (though I left in 97), the "us vs them" thing meant that it worked quite well. With no planks in range, ECE vs VM was still alive and well though.;-)
  15. I was attached to 137 BFS and I didn't get invited!! I did go to the Wksp party though.